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Is your forehand inconsistent?  Some days it flies long, other days it falls short, and only occasionally do you hit it with pace, depth, topspin, and consistency.  If that sounds like you, well, the reason is because you’ve got a break somewhere in your forehand’s Kinetic Chain.

The Kinetic Chain is the scientific term for how you generate energy from your entire body and transfer it through your body and into the tennis ball.  If there’s a break somewhere in the 7 links in the chain, all the power you created before that break gets lost.

Inside “The Kinetic Forehand” Dr. Mark Kovacs, one of the world’s leading experts on tennis biomechanics, is going to show you a simple 7-step progression that will sync the 7 links in your forehand’s Kinetic Chain so you can hit with pace, depth and topspin - CONSISTENTLY.

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