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Introducing "The Ultimate Tennis Lesson"

If you have an NTRP Rating and compete in a USTA League, tournaments, or at your local club, and you want to win more matches now, then this will be the most important tennis lesson you'll ever take. This isn't like any other tennis lesson you've ever taken. It was created by some of the greatest players and coaches of all time. Each of the 10 secrets inside has been battle-tested in competition and will win you more matches now.

Here's a preview of each secret inside The Ultimate Tennis Lesson...

Secret #1

Bob & Mike Bryan's Dance Move

Watch too many "poachable balls" whiz by you at the net? After just a few minutes practicing the dance move, you'll time your "split step" with the precision of a Swiss Watch, close the net with blinding speed, and stick your volleys like a seasoned pro

Secret #2

Dr. Mark Kovacs' Shot Put Serve

Instantly sync your Kinetic Chain and add 10 - 15 mph to your serve. You'll be shocked by the power and accuracy you'll unlock when you use Dr. Kovacs' award-winning technique.

Secret #3

Jeff Greenwald's Toe Wiggle Technique

Do you get TIGHT under pressure? Do you sometimes push because you're afraid to miss? This meditation technique you do in between points will instantly wipe away nerves and physical tension so that you can play loose and relaxed no matter the score!

Secret #4

Craig O'Shannessy's C+

Think of a guy or gal you just can't seem to beat. C+ is the statistically-proven target area on the tennis court that is a "universal kink in the armor" for ANY opponent. Hit here and you'll win.

Secret #5

Bob and Mike Bryan's Pinch

ZERO chemistry with your doubles partner? The pinch is a tweaked version of the poach that requires NO communication with your partner and allows you to do the seemingly impossible: Pick off middle balls AND cover your alley!

Secret #6

Dr. Mark Kovacs' Ultimate Warm Up

You'll never feel more ready to go 100% from the first ball than after this. In just 5 minutes your entire body will go from "I feel like I've been sitting at a desk all week" to loose, relaxed and limber. Chances are you'll feel so good you'll start doing this warm up when you roll out of bed every morning!

Secret #7

Feisal Hassan's PBS

You'll be shocked by how accurately these 3 anticipation cues predict the future. Reading these 3 cues is like having a crystal ball showing you exactly where your opponent is going to hit.

Secret #8

Dr. Mark Kovacs' 3x Topspin Exercise

Increase your forehand topspin by an incredible 300% when you do this simple medicine ball exercise. You don't need to schedule court time to 3x the spin, power, accuracy and consistency of your forehand. You just need a medicine ball... something you can find in any gym!

Secret #9

Craig O'Shannessy's Serve Shockwave

Cut unforced errors in HALF and DOUBLE your winners... You'll know exactly when to slam on the accelerator... and when to pump the brakes... when you understand how this recently discovered statistic tells you "how much to go for" on each and every shot during a point.

Secret #10

Martina Navratilova's Newt Volley

99% of players make a small mistake in how they hold the racket when they volley, causing them to hack down on high volleys and pop up low volleys. Make this tiny tweak to your wrist position and you'll hit your volleys "on the screws."

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FYB University

FYB University

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