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Introducing "The Singles Playbook"

Do you feel like you make too many mistakes in a match, causing you to lose confidence in your shots, abandon your game and just play it safe and keep the ball in play?

If your answer is "yes," then I'd like to invite you to pick up a copy of "The Singles Playbook," because inside there are 41 plays that let you play to your strengths, attack your opponent's weaknesses, and avoid making mistakes.

If you look at other sports, teams run plays. Soccer teams run plays to score goals. Football teams run plays to score touchdowns. Basketball teams run plays to score baskets. Starting TODAY you can runs plays to win more USTA league and club matches.

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Bonus #1: Windshield-Wiper Forehand Made Simple

Windshield-Wiper Forehand Made Simple

Windshield-Wiper Forehand Made Simple

Most club players were taught a classic forehand, but today the pros are hitting the Windshield-Wiper Forehand because it lets them hit with BOTH more power and more spin, which makes their forehand a consistent weapon.

Inside "The Windshield-Wiper Forehand Made Simple," 2011 USPTA Coach Of The Year Feisal Hassan walks you through a 1-hour program showing you how to go from the classic forehand to the Windshield-Wiper Forehand. If you've been tinkering with your forehand trying hit with more power and spin, then this is the program that will finally turn your forehand into the weapon you've always wanted it to be.

Bonus #2: Live Arm

Live Arm

Live Arm

Imagine being able to accelerate your arm and the racket like a Formula 1 Racecar. Imagine how much more power, spin, and consistency you would have?

That's what you're getting inside "Live Arm," where Dr. Mark Kovacs shows you 4 stretches and 10 exercises that will increase your flexibility, explosive power, and stability at the point of contact.

If you're a little guy like me (5'8" and 142 pounds) you can still turn you serve into a consistent and reliable weapon. And if you're 6 feet+? Well then you serve might just become unfair.

Bonus #3: Stop Choking On Big Points

Stop Choking On Big Points

Stop Choking On Big Points

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner, seasoned pro, or anywhere in between. On big points you get nervous and tight. That causes a lot of players to choke.

But most pros don't because they have specific techniques for controlling nerves and tightness. That's the thing most club players don't realize -- there's a technique for controlling your nerves just like there's a technique to hitting a serve, forehand, and backhand.

Inside "Stop Choking On Big Points," Sports Psychologist Jeff Greenwald shows you battle-tested techniques for controlling your nerves and tightness so you can stop choking and start playing your best on big points. Doesn't matter if your whole team is watching -- you'll be focused and in control.

Here's what you're getting when you take advantage of this INSANE deal today...

The Singles Playbook
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Stop Choking on Big Points
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...but yours FREE today!
Live Arm
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...but yours FREE today!
Windshield Wiper Forehand
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...but yours FREE today!
That's a total value of:

But you can get it ALL today for just $67

The Singles Playbook & All Bonuses | Price: $67 | Availability: In Stock

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This program comes with a 1-year money back guarantee!

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How is the Singles Playbook delivered to me?

When you place your order for the Singles Playbook, you'll receive two items in the mail. The Singles Playbook (a physical book), and the Bonus 2-DVD set. Orders usually ship the same day they are placed. We ship via USPS, and as soon as your package is dropped in the mail, you'll receive an email with a package tracking number and link.

Do I have to wait for the mailman to deliver my Playbook?

No! As soon as you order the Playbook, you will INSTANTLY get an email containing login information to our members site. Inside the members area, you can watch every video from the Singles Playbook, and see every diagram on every page. You can get started right away.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship anywhere in the world. Australia, South Africa, Latvia, the UK... Wherever you live, we can deliver a Playbook there.

Is a smartphone required to scan the codes on each page of the Playbook to make this work?

No! As we said above, you also get instant access to an entirely-online version of the Singles Playbook. You can see every video and page of the Playbook, all online, and you don't have to scan any codes if you don't want to.

I already own a few FYB programs. Will the online version of the Singles Playbook get added to my Library?

Yes! As soon as you order the Singles Playbook, the online version of the Playbook will instantly appear inside your FYB Library. Just log in and get started watching!

I'm considering ordering right now, but I still have questions. Can I call you?

Yes! You can call +1 (202) 599-7136 10AM-5PM EST (UTC-5). We're happy to answer any questions you have.

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