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Kovacs Institute Serve Checklist


Needs Work

START (Stage 1)

Incorrect Grip
Unacceptable Foot Position

RELEASE (Stage 2)

Release Too Far To The Right
Release Too High From The Hand
Bent Arm Release
Release Too Low From The Hand (Below Eye Level)

LOADING (Stage 3)

Front Hip Excessive Load
Foot Around
No Knee Bend
Too Much Knee Bend
Poor Hip Turn
Poor Back Leg Load
Elbow Low
Elbow High
Palm Open (Waiter Position)

COCKING (Stage 4)

Poor Side On Position (Lower Body and Trunk)
Early Racket Drop
Excessive Lumbar Extension


Opening Up Early (Over-Rotation)
Leading With The Palm

CONTACT (Stage 6)

Collapsing (Excessive Trunk Flexion)
Low Contact Point
Excessive Lateral Flexion (Falling To The Side)
Statue of Liberty Position (Arm Straight Above Head)


No Long Axis Rotation
Collapsing (Excessive Trunk Flexion)

FINISH (Stage 8)

Stiff-Legged Finish
Landing Behind The Baseline
Landing To The Left (For A Right Handed Player)

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