Add 5-10 mph to your serve when you fix the "palm up waiter position" mistake...

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Introducing "The 100 MPH Club"

If you ever see your opponent standing inside the baseline to return your serve, and you can tell they don’t respect it and are waiting to tee off, then I want to invite you to pick up a copy of “The 100 MPH Club,” because inside there are 30 fixes for the most common mistakes players make when they’re serving.

What I actually want to do is give you “The 100 MPH Club” as a free welcome gift when you take a trial to the Fuzzy Yellow Balls App, which gives you instant access to over 20 of our best programs right on your phone.

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Imagine having instant access to coaching from Martina Navratilova, the Bryan Brothers, Dr. Mark Kovacs, analytics expert Craig O’Shannessy, mental game expert Jeff Greenwald, and other top players and coaches?

That’s what you’re getting inside the Fuzzy Yellow Balls App. Access to products like “The Singles Playbook,” “The Doubles Playbook,” “The Little Black Book Of Tells,” “The New Rules Of Singles,” “The New Rules Of Doubles,” and many more.

The app works kinda like a combination between Kindle and Youtube. You’re getting access to all our books and our videos right on your phone!



IMPORTANT - The app is currently only available on Apple iOS devices (iPhone & iPad). The Android version will be out in several weeks. We’ll let you know when ;-)

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