Beat a Pusher using Serve +1

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Introducing "The Singles Playbook"

Do you feel like you make too many mistakes in a match, causing you to lose confidence in your shots, abandon your game and just play it safe and keep the ball in play?

If your answer is "yes," then I'd like to invite you to pick up a copy of "The Singles Playbook," because inside there are 41 plays that let you play to your strengths, attack your opponent's weaknesses, and avoid making mistakes.

If you look at other sports, teams run plays. Soccer teams run plays to score goals. Football teams run plays to score touchdowns. Basketball teams run plays to score baskets. Starting TODAY you can runs plays to win more USTA league and club matches.

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13 responses to “Beat a Pusher using Serve +1”

  1. That’s great if you have the ability to target your serve. Not sure if this applies to your average rec player. Just saying.

  2. We all like hearing stuff from multi-sources. I forward to my kids & tell them, “don’t want to listen to me , listen to this guy, a student and teacher of the game with court creds I bow to.

  3. I’ve followed you for long time..Did you ever make a doubles playbook? strategies & plays…really need one…. any suggestions

  4. Can you give some strategies for playing with a “pusher”:in doubles?

  5. Loving the free series! can’t wait to get my singles and doubles playbooks in the mail! I’m already thinking of how I can use them with my teams in practice.

  6. Great video, as were the previous two. This one is even more useful actually!

  7. great strategy to work toward. Pushers are my or doubles.

  8. Please advise on how to order the singles playbook from Nigeria thank you.

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