Roger Federer's "Imaginary Line Rule":

Fuzzy Yellow Balls


Introducing "The Singles Playbook"

Do you feel like you make too many mistakes in a match, causing you to lose confidence in your shots, abandon your game and just play it safe and keep the ball in play?

If your answer is "yes," then I'd like to invite you to pick up a copy of "The Singles Playbook," because inside there are 41 plays that let you play to your strengths, attack your opponent's weaknesses, and avoid making mistakes.

If you look at other sports, teams run plays. Soccer teams run plays to score goals. Football teams run plays to score touchdowns. Basketball teams run plays to score baskets. Starting TODAY you can runs plays to win more USTA league and club matches.

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47 responses to “Roger Federer's "Imaginary Line Rule"”

  1. Love the videos involving strategy and tactics. So many players look strictly at technical imperfections when they lose a point or a match.

  2. I Loked your explanation& video of RF’s imaginary line very much. Great explanation, ty! To answer your question: the most frustrating kind of. opponent I face is ‘the pusher’. I tend to slow down and play below my own skill level rather than just finishing the point…

  3. Home base play and imaginary line are so helpful. The pusher is the player type I need strategy on.

  4. As a “southpaw”, would I want to say I struggle with them the most and just flip everything around, since I presume this training is all geared toward the righty?

  5. Toughest players for me are lefties with heavy topspin and great kick serves. Pushers and Dr. Feelgood are close seconds. I’ll take on a big hitter any day.

  6. Thanks very clear and concise mini training class.

    Loved the Bryan Bros. video clip. The H.S. dbls teams I coach would greatly benefit from having a few reliable plays to use in match play.

    IG: @coachjoetennis

  7. Anxious to purchase the playbook my grandson plays at college.. first year freshman. Is tbis more for a novice / beginner? He’s played USTA tournaments . Very good player 18 years old

  8. Really appreciate your presentation. Had several “aha” moments. Thank you

  9. 75 yr old player always trying to improve my game . Been watching you from the beginning! I learn the most watching your lessons ..

  10. I play every week against a pusher – hits short with backspin a lot of the time. I find myself falling into his game and don’t hit solid shots. The fix?

  11. Actually, I play in a men’s social league and we mix up things with every set so I have them all

  12. Hi Will

    I want to ask you in case I make order for the book , are you mail to the Qatar – Doha in Middle East area , and what price?


    Amer Smajilagic

  13. Greetings Sir!
    Exciting. How does one get the Singles Playbook? I am a proud owner and user of Tells.
    ACNBS –james

  14. Very informative, can make for more consistent play with higher level of play.

  15. Thanks for the training. This really makes sense. Can’t wait to try it out. I struggle with the one who rushes the net and when I approach, hits over my head.

  16. enjoy your Imaginary line rule theory, thanks I will try it out , stay tune..‍♂️

  17. A pusher is my most dreaded opponent. A lack of pace coming back is problematic. I find myself playing down from my level.

  18. Thanks for the free strategy lesson via “plays”. I am a believer in running plays; however I struggle with assessing my opponent’s style of play (other than southpaw and serve & volley). This inability limits me in making judgments about which plays to run! Help, please, Will:)

  19. Just such great thoughts, thank you!
    I’ll grab the singles playbook as a Christmas gift to myself.

  20. Excellent video summary of conducting plays. Look forward to seeing more.

  21. Hi I’m an older round robin doubles player do you have something to watch for that?

  22. I hate playing againt Dr. Feel Good players, I feel like I can not play my tennis.

  23. Hey, great, informative video! I have always thought aggressive play will make me win points. But, only now do I realize that strategy is crucial to success and that I have been playing without any strategy. Please make a video on South Paw. It would help a lot!

  24. Do you have a doubles strategy session? I have been off the court for several years (injury) and am coming back. Starting with doubles.

  25. Left hander because sometimes I forget he is a lefty so keep placing to his forehand.

  26. Great video, love it! A pro tennis player once told me about strategy (like a chess game) but never really explained to me how it works, i can see it now. I hate to play against pushers, I get bored and lose my concentration. Do you have anything for doubles?

  27. Pushers and retrievers are the most frustrating to play for me.

  28. Want to add- very useful introduction to tactics. The guiding concept is simple enough to use right away, which I appreciate. Great explanation, clear and easy to follow.

  29. It is very interesting and I learn something new. I will try it in my next game.
    Really appreciate your tactics.

  30. Great and informative videos. I struggle with pushers and counterpunchers because I am over anxious to get the point over with and when that happens, I go for unrealistic shots and generally make more unforced errors. Having go to plays and strategies would be a great benefit for my game.

  31. Dr. feelgood – tons of backspin and shortballs I can’t get a rhythm on, moving me up and back is a struggle for me. Loved this video, I heard that concept before but didn’t quite understand it well. Running plays – what a novel idea. Love it!

  32. ILR is my new arrow in my quiver! In recent years as I have ramped up in better execution, but sadly my pros will reach the end of their ‘script’…lack of creativity and most importantly they NEVER have addressed strategy. Fooling yourself into thinking you have improved from a 3.0 to 4.0 is misleading. Yes, it is nice to hear and feel the pop of a well hit ball. BUT, who cares if you are not realizing more W’s! Your 16 minute clip was a huge Ahaaaaaaa moment of me. Now I have a greater appreciation of what it means to have a formidable Tennis IQ. Not that I will be invited into the Newport Mensa Society lol.
    So, many thanks for your efforts in producing this clip. I would like to get your thoughts on when is the appropriate time, i.e. or the minimal skill level when to introduce the ILR! Finally, many great comments have been posted. I relate to all of them but to second what Robles (12/03/21) asked could you address what are similar strategies that could be employed for approaching doubles! May the Sword be with you!

  33. I purchased the doubles playbook/dvds, which should arrive soon and I imagine that is why I am receiving these emails.
    It’s nice to hear these strategies & plays, but I’d love to receive this type of email link for doubles strategies.

  34. If only I had discovered you 30 years ago- oh, but wait, you were probably a baby then!

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