Fuzzy Yellow Balls

How To Get 37 Times Better At Something

One of the more interesting books I’ve read in the past year or so is a book by James Clear called “Atomic Habits,” and it has big implications for your tennis game.  One of my big takeaways was that to get 37 times better at something in the next year (whether that’s tennis or some other area of your life) […]

Roger Federer’s “Imaginary Line Rule” + Running PLAYS

Bad @ Poaching? Improve Your Anticipation With The “Cat & Mouse” Drill feat. The Bryan Brothers

My new favorite volley tip

Ninja Doubles Return Strategies

Slow Serve? Try the I-Formation & Aussie Formation

Senior Doubles + Covering The Lob

Getting lobbed to death? Try the “Bounce Overhead Guy” play

Doubles Strategy | 1-Up, 1-Back Versus 2-Up

Doubles Strategy | 2-Back Versus 2-Up

Pushers HATE when you use this return of serve

For Lefties :-)