1. Roxana says

     why push only on the outside leg and not on both legs?

    • Will Hamilton says

      It’s similar to baseball.  Batters load up on and drive off of their outside (back) leg because that lets them swing the bat as fast as possible.  Regarding the physics and biomechanics behind it, well, that’s not my area of expertise.  But you can’t argue with the video — all the pros hit their forehands like I described!

  2. Skitennispro says

    Do you teach children with the same foundmental stroke or what age do you teach this method. 

    • Will Hamilton says

      Yes, you want to teach children the fundamentals as well.

  3. Toader R says

     I can’t choose a membership type to sign up and see the other videos. What can I do?

    • Will Hamilton says

      We will email you more videos in the coming days.  We don’t want to dump a bunch of stuff on you right away (information overload). 

  4. DMPT29 says

    great presentation

    • Will Hamilton says


  5. Guest says

     very good coaching technique.

  6. phamh says

    great video!  i currently have an eastern grip but wanted to experiment with the semi-western grip.  my forehand has been inconsistent as of late with the eastern grip.  is the grip something worth switching up, or should i stick with the eastern grip and focus more on the 5 steps until i get the forehand right?

    • Will Hamilton says

      Hey Pham,

      If you don’t possess all of the 5 Fs then focusing on them will get you more mileage than tweaking your grip.  So I’d make that evaluation and then go from there.


  7. Donalddang says

    Will, how do you add more pace to the ball? I have the topspin down (Goes high over the net and bounces deep sharply). I need to get more of a “tight” or “condensed” topspin. Please help. Thanks

    • Will Hamilton says

      Hi Donald.  Pace starts w/ proper technique.  If you don’t have the 5 Fs then that’s what you need to focus on.  Check the progressions video, which we’ll send you next.

  8. Achappo says

    i am 11 and i have a good forehand nut how can i give more power 

  9. c. says

    I am 21 and just started playing tennis. Thank you so much for your videos, Will!

    • Will Hamilton says

      You’re welcome!

  10. Vasiljan2002 says

    my dad taught me the C technique when I was 8 >.>

  11. Przestrzel says

    Very helpful video. I’ve found that i need to improve 5 Fs rather than thinkink about angle of the wrist. Thanks !!!

  12. cap says

    This is a great instructional video; just when I ask a question to myself while watching, you answered it in the next statement – very detailed oriented – thx! I’m going to have my wife video me so I can see how I compare to the five fundamental steps and then make adjustments as necessary. thx!

  13. Bugrayanar says

    Hi, i have recently started playing again after two years.. I am trying my best to execute the forehand as you explain here. My coach is pretty happy so far except for the ending where you are suppose to “look at your watch” .. He prefers to finish the racquet head higher next to my ear with a longer straight follow through rather than having that wrist twist at the end.. What do you think?

    • Jerry says

      My pro told me the same thing. He told me that is how the pro’s do it…. it just is not so… I have been told by several teaching pros that once the ball leaves the strings, it does not matter if you catch your racquet at the top or allowing it to flow through as Will has showed us the pros do…  My stroke is now more like the Federer stroke, once I hit the ball the racquet goes where gravity takes it… try not gripping your racquet too tight…. good luck…

    • Arek says

      I believe that wrist twist is just the natural continuation of the move when you hit the ball with the topspin

  14. Ovidiu says

    Hi…how older can u be tu start learning tennis and still become some tennis player?thx

  15. naohiko says

    This instruction video is great!

  16. GeoffG says

    Fantastic video!  I have watched numerous videos on the forehand, and have learned much from all of them, but I really love the five fundamentals approach, and the video breakdown of the pros vs amateurs, executing (or not) these fundamentals!  

  17. Dmtenniswood says

    Great video!
    I wish I saw it a couple of years ago when I was trying to figure out how to put top spin on a ball.
    Now I see where I need to improve.
    My coach says that at the end racket should be over my left shoulder but I can never do it. My racket makes it to the shoulder level. Is it a big problem? 

  18. Dharmaboy says

    I am coming from an orthadox flat forehand with a continental grip. I have issues with top spinning. I almost find it harder on my wrist. I find that I am almost shanking the ball on the frame more than actually hitting it flat with the strings. I can pull off a nice shot once in a while but I can’t link the brushing spin motion with the power of the stroke. My balls seems to loop more.

  19. Syntellis says

    IT IS EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  20. Diego roberto says

    excellent video. I started to practice all this inside my house just swinging my raquet and when i went to the court to play it was a big difference.thankyou very much!

  21. Andy says

    Thanks very much. This realy helped me to improve my game

  22. mert says

    Tesekkur FYB community,thanks for this great video…
    Now lets improve our forehand

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    This an awesome instructional video. I have learned a lot from this to improve my forehand stokes.  I will let my wife see this video too cause she wanted to learn tennis as well. Thank you so much!!

  25. Tyson says

    Thank you for execellent lesson. Could you instruction me more for a topspin forehand.

  26. Shi JunJie says

    Very helpful lesson. Thank you 

  27. Hardeep Singh Hara says

    WOW, this is an excellent teaching lesson, i have learned a lot and got to know all my mistakes while playing a forehand. Thank you very much. I am really glad to join your site hope to learn much more from you. Thank you once again.

  28. Ryangriffith23 says

    excellent lesson, i cant wait for the next lesson, thanks.

  29. Philip says

    First of all I want to thank you for this video. 

    I got one question, why is it not correct to point out with your left arm (if you are right handed) to the net? I learned to point out with your left hand to the ball as the ball is coming.

  30. Tmatfin says

    very helpful lesson,what is the grip and wrist position

  31. Rapoholic says

    This video definitely helps me, to improve my forehand skills 🙂 Thanks a lot. Greatings from Poland !

  32. Alexei says

    Wow, now I know excactly what I’ve been doing wrong this whole time! I’ll get to work… thank you very much!

  33. Mimo says

    I was playing for 3 years & I didnot make any right forehand.
    This video shows me how to make a right one.
    Thank you so much.

  34. Hutchy4122 says

    Sorry if I’ve missed something, but I am a young (14 years old to be exact), inexperienced player who has been playing at a club for about 6 months now, and I just have one question. How does the technique relate to the quality, control, placement and power of the shot? As I said, I may have missed something but as far as I can see this hasn’t been covered in this video.



    • Adam says

      Matt, the components of the forehand discussed in this video, if perfected, will provide greater power and precision for the shot, more consistently, and without increasing your energy expenditure. The shoulder pivot and weight transfers provide greater power by using your upper body and leg muscles, which are significantly stronger than those in your arms. The “C” movement of the racquet head results in a smoother, free-flowing motion which aids in providing consistent accuracy in your shots, and also increases racquet head speed. The follow through gives your upper body a way to slow down without placing a further drain on your muscles, and gives you the ability to move again more quickly.

  35. Blankjoe567 says

    I play tennis and I have a good topspin forehand.  I have been playing for 14 years.  I have a pretty fast forehand.  But my coach always told me to put my left hand (I am right handed) facing the net.  Why do you say to put that arm to the side?

  36. Sinan says

    i’m writing now, right after a game that i’m making for practice and fun with my friends everyday, here is my friend’s thoughts of today “wow.. now you’re hitting more balanced and much much better than yesterday. and it’s great to watch a correct body turn and a ball coming with top spin !!”    THANKS  WILL  !!    

  37. Gerry says

    One of the best instructional videos I have seen –  very comprehensive and the split screen comparisons were very useful. I now can’t wait to practice all the fundamentals on court. Thanks very much.

  38. Patrik94 Kana says

    Very nice vid, thank u very much!

  39. Catarina says

    Hi Will. Thank you so much for this video. I’ve been playing tennis for a year now and I always felt like my forehand stroke was a little bit awkward. It has been improving throughout this year but I can tell there are still some mistakes… This videos showed me what kind of mistakes I am making… It was such a clever idea to show images of amateurs. Thanks again.

  40. Joe says

    Absolutely awesome! I have coached football and girls softball and taught innumerable courses on various subjects. I have always emphasized the basics in those instances. However, no one has ever gone so basic in trying to improve my tennis game. I have identified problems with two of the five fundamentals of a forehand and I have identified the grip I should be using based upon my style of play. Kudos for a wonderful teaching tool.

  41. Csac31 says

    THE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of the forehand drive is WHAT GRIP should be used.  If I missed something, it wasn’t mentioned!

  42. Songrichard99 says

    Thank you, I watch this video every day before I play tennis so I get reminded of technique.

  43. Sheldon Sibala says

    thank you very much. i learn much with video…

  44. Archith says

    Hey you guys are great.. keep up the good work guys!!

  45. Roccopy says

    Excellent video.  Very helpful.  I especially love the split screen comparisons between the amateurs and the pros. I can watch pro tourneys for hours and never pick up the subtle differences – esp. as they relate to my level of play.  Brilliant!!  Plus, Will is so encouraging I feel like I can go out and at least look like I’m doing the shot correctly – all this without paying a dime.  What a blessing!

    Thanks, and keep the instructions coming.

  46. Ong says

    Thanks for the video!! By the way,what is extreme eastern forehand grip?

  47. Fikuewumi says

    Great knowledge, I wish I saw this 10-years ago, my forehand would have been much better.

  48. Fede says

    fantastic explanation, very clear and of course very useful. I wish I had found this kind of videos some time ago, I think my forehand could be much better. Thanks.

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    Love this site 🙂

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    Thanks It Helped me alot!!

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    thanks for the video… hope you can sent me similar video for backhand….

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    Hi Will! It was nice meeting you last weekend. This video is awesome! I watched the video with my 10yr old son, and we both learned so much. Thanks for sending! Tiffany Madison (Robert’s wife)

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    thak you.  this helped so much

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    Great lesson, solid communication, look forward to a similar email for the the top-spin backhand.

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    Great Video!!! I just started play tennis and this website will certainly help me a lot.

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    This is a great video.  Thank you so much.  Do you have one for the backhand also?

  57. Herman Lawrence says

    Well back to the drawing board after watching the video.  I’ve been teaching my son wrong also.  I’m glad he’s only eight so it’s not too late to make corrections.  Thanks

  58. MikeP says

    Will, this is a great video. Now when my forehands do not work I can work out why by referring to which of the 5 fundamentals I did not do. This works well when someone feeds balls back to where you are standing. Have you done any videos about how to get to a ball at another part of the court and then be in a position to put these fundamentals into practice. I sure you are aware that many club players have problems with hitting to length and so a lot of balls are dropped short which you have to run forwards to get to. Thanks.

  59. Toufik says

    I teached tennis for 9 years and I can tell you that you are doing a great job. Thank’s for thes videos!

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    Amazing video, great teaching technique! It is really good the way you teach, thanks and congratulations!

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  63. Erich says

    I have a coach here in Germany who told me exactely the same, maybe in a little different way. But he has been the only one to teach me tennis like this and it helped me a lot. Your Video is a perfect summary about the deciding fundamentals. There is only one thing I am missing: What to do with your non-hitting arm after extending it in due course of the preperation and just before hitting the ball. You can watch almost all the pros (like on your vids) moving their non hitting hand on the shoulder level blocking the rotation of the upper body and hence tranferring the energy to the hitting arm, giving it an additional acceleration. Just like throwing a discus. If you watch carefully you can see that the rotation of the upper body in not perfectly continuous. This also really makes sense taking into account a humans bio mechanics.
    Again: Very nice lesson and thank you for that!!

  64. Sourabh Sinha says

    where is the similar backhand link? Can anyone post it?

  65. Tatyana says

    Thank you for this great lesson

  66. Jrobs says

    I’ve always had my non-hitting hand pointing out toward the court as I was swinging thru the ball.  It looks as though you teach having that hand pointing more toward the side of the court as you swing thru……is that correct?

  67. Solid_sand says

    Wow this is great, i’m going to the court right away.
    Thanks for the time and effort to show us these excellent tecniques.

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    that is great tennis video

  69. Medicousp says

    Hi” For those are right-handed, wich foot is outside foot?Left or Right. Tks.

    • Chris Horner says

      Outside foot in the forehand stance is the same side as your dominant hand. So for right handers, the right foot (the foot which is further away from the net when you turn sideways into the forehand stance)

  70. E C Paget says

    why is it important to have your non hitting arm extended across your body like that and not pointing in the direction of the on coming ball? i thought you pointed it towards the ball because it helps your placement in terms of spacial awareness. do you extend it like that so your shoulders have completely pivoted? Emma =)

  71. Songrichard99 says

    Physics will benovolate the biology of the racket

  72. fanzizhe says

    why I cannot see

  73. Dannyd says

    Great lesson!! Could u do a more detailed lesson on the wiper action on the follow through.. I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong, what I’m doing just doesn’t feel right. Also , is there a good way to practice these fundamentals by yourself?

  74. michael says

    excellent lesson.  Very systematic teaching with great videos and slow motions.  thanks

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    I love how luciane sticks his pinky out when hitting the ball

    thanks for video great help on forehand

  76. Chris Horner says

    I hit better than Lucienne but not MUCH better, I maybe do 2-3 of the fundamentals right… but this tutorial is great, and I’ll be sure to practice these a lot on court.

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  78. Mohamed says

    Excellent lesson . I am 15 and I started playing about a year ago . I feel like I do all of these fundamentals but I still have a problem with my forehand, and that is when I hit it, It all goes down the middle, no matter what I do it’s always the same thing . So I’m asking you guys for some advices and techniques that can help me control the direction of my forehand 🙂
    I’m waiting for your response .

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    Thank you for the lesson.  It’s always good to go back to basics.  It’s cool to see the pros actually do these.
    best quote: 13:42-44″
    best segment: 13:56″ – 15:23″

  82. Sanjeev says

    Very systematic and organised, the way you explain and demonstrate is very sound. I have started playing tennis only a month ago and I am very satisfied with my forehand so far. Have grown up watching John McEnroe, Jimmy Connors, Ivan Lendal, Sampras, Agassi, Boris Beker… And feel that it really helps a lot by following correct technique.  Five steps you explained, I am going to focus and practice a lot. Really excited and also looking forward to improve my backhand, which is very week…thanks.

  83. Vincent says

    I’ve taken lessons, sat in on drills and watched many people play, no one ever broke the entire stroke down like you have in this video. I wish i had these fundamentals taught to me from day one. thank you. i have told many people to go to your web sight and get lessons from you. thanks.

  84. Will Winningham says

    Will, With all due respect, it seems like your analysis of the follow-through is somewhat flawed.  If the true goal of the follow-through was to slow the player’s body and racket, they would remain closed.  This would, of course, limit racket head speed and hasten a “slow-down” of both body and racket.  The follow-through, to my mind, assists to actually increase racket head speed…and it is the natural byproduct of an individual’s swing path.
    Will Winningham

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    Thanks, I can not wait to practice the 5 fundamentals with quality of course.

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    How about a one-page PDF recap with the fundamentals. Reinforce the video?  Great stuff 

    Steven from HTA – you are teaching the right stuff!

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    Thanks, great video.
    In the last example of Kevin vs Tommy, you mention that the 2 swings look quite similar, but I saw quite a big difference: Tommy points the racquet butt towards the ball (as does Kevin) but then he pulls it in a straight ine towards the ball before the racquet face swings towards the ball. Kevin starts rotating the racquet face from the backmost point without doing the straight “pull”. Tommy thus has more power because the racquet face swing takes a lot less time and is moving much faster.

    All pros I’ve seen on youtube slow mo videos do this straight pull, and I’m wondering if this shouldn’t be one of the 5 steps (6 steps?) as it’s a key component.

  100. Kelley says

    Hi Will:
    Do you recommend teaching small kids the beginning phase of the pivot and shoulder turn or do you begin them already sideways with the racquet up?  Also, which grip do you prefer with beginners?

    Awesome video and awesome presentation technique…very easy for the listener to process.  Thanks for all you do!

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    Good video. Seeing these pros in slow motion is very useful. Nothing was said about producing top spin, although the strokes shown would produce some. But maybe top spin discussion is on another video.

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    I received my Welcome email.
    I’ve been looking for someone to teach me the modern forehand.
    Finding your Site is great, I’m having one of our club pros work with me from your fantastic videos.
    I will keep you posted in my progress

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    Hi Will,
    thanks so much for this awesome video and the hints and tipps in there – this and the other videos on your side are what I needed!
    Great analysis and teaching – by far better than a lot of teachers on site…  Will bring my notebook + videocam to the court next time 😉

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    please make an in depth video on the backhand and serve please! keep up the good work. i am 14 and this has helped improved my imagery and enhance my technique. but i need more help on hitting my backhand with sharper spin but keeping it at a controlled height…? 

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    Great video, I am a tennis coach in Scotland and have been taught a lot of the small technical stuff like path,angle, speed of the racket (LTA buzzwords) but breaking the forehand down into these 5 fundamentals makes a lot of sense and a lot easy to coach and probably see better results as well. A lot of what you have said will be going into my future lesson plans.

    thanks guys looking foreward to one handed and 2 handed backhands.

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    The two questions I have is when do you start to do the shoulder turn?  Before the ball comes across the net?  When do you start your swing? Before it bounces, as it comes to you?  My timing has been off, and I often hit late and don’t always hit the ball in front of me.  How does one correct timing of hitting the ball in your hitting range.  Do you have any videos or instructions on timing?

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  135. Dan Le says

    Thank you, Will & FYB on the Forehand analysis.  The only couple things I want to add is:  driving the ball at the contact for flat or more spin (for long or short forehands) is important (you did not cover this part); And more critical is how to get to the ball to get set (ready for unit turn) to go through all the 5 elements of forehands explained is so difficult for recreational players.

  136. Recampos1020 says

    Hello FYB since im new in tennis, what kind of racquet should i bought? what should be the right one for me…

    • Thomas Rönnqvist says

      You give no info on age, gender, size, weight or fitness level.

      Let’s assume you’re an adult of average size and fitness. I would say start off with a racket that’s pretty close to these basic specs:

      Weight: 300-320 grams strung weight
      Length: 27″ (standard)
      Balance: 0 to 5 pts headlight (ask dealer if you don’t know about this)

      Lightweight rackets in general are head heavy and may injure your arm/wrist. Too heavy rackets may be difficult to swing and you will lose timing.
      Best off with a standard length racket to begin with. There are the most choices, and there’s always the possibility of getting an extended racket if you wish so.
      Balance is just as important as weight. A head heavy racket will give more effortless power, but it tends to lack depth control and spread the balls around. A slightly headlight racket will give good control and probably enough power.

      Anyone got some other opinion please throw in your suggestions!

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  333. parag jadhav says

    a great lesson for everyone who spent hours n hours just to know that how the path shoud be while driving the ball. thanks a lot.

  334. Ross Abram says

    Thanks for a clear, easy to understand and informative video. Can’t wait to put it all into practice.

  335. Dave says

    It looks likes John is not standing far enough back so the ball is a foot higher on contact – this exaggerates his cramped look – but very clear and useful demonstration.

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