Introduction to the Approach Shots
This video introduces the approach shots. Approach shots are an important shot because they allow you to transition from the baseline to the net, where you can put the tennis ball away. There are several types of approach shots that you can hit. The two main types are topspin and slice approach shots.

Topspin Approach Shots
A topspin approach shot — both the forehand and backhand — is similar to a normal groundstroke from the baseline. There are some differences, however. First, you need to take a carioca step as you close on the tennis ball. Second, you want to hit the tennis ball when it’s above the net, if possible, because that allows you to be more aggressive. Finally, you normally want to hit the tennis ball down the line when approaching the net.

Slice Approach Shots
Slice approach shots are a lesser used, but still effective, method of approaching the net. Slicing the ball keeps it low, forcing your opponent to hit up on the tennis ball and, hopefully, giving you an easy volley to put away. This video looks at the mechanics involved in the slice approach shot on both the forehand and backhand sides.


  1. Jonathan Giannetti says

    Great site and information. All the vids are working fine for me… Question about transitional gane… Will you cover the mid-court put away? This is tough to grasp and really sets apart the 4. somethings from the 5s… Please help!

  2. Saylorworkout says

    I love the work the two of you have done on this website! I recommend it to every player that I train.

    Have you ever considered creating a section on group drills and games?
    Thanks for your great contribution.
    Mike Saylor
    Terre Haute, IN

  3. Timf says

    Hi Guys
    what a great site. Love the presentational format. Keep up the good work. Tim

  4. charlie moore says

    ExpandHey Will, I love your videos so much, everything i learned about tennis i’ve learned from you :). Your videos taught me how to serve, volley, slice, hit topspin, and even control the match more in my favor. I question however is if you are planning on making a video on how to do a successful drop shot and if you ever are thinking or have ever heard of applying sidespin to a shot such as a serve or forehand. To return slices i usually apply sidespin by striking from under the ball and slicing NE creating a spin that has some topspin and has some sidespin and does amazing things. If it hits the white part of the net it can usually spin over it instead of falling back on my side of the court and when it bounces it doesn’t only move forward but it jumps to the right or to the left by a substantial amount and makes it difficult to return for unsuspecting players. I would love to see a dropshot video to help against heavy baseline players who feel uncomfortable at net and anything you have on side spin cause it is very interesting. Thanks for your time Will and i love your videos ~Shahbaaz Khan

  5. jacob quiffy says

    Charlie you still a  virgin

  6. Rasmus says

    Do a lot of baskets, where you “partner” feeds you the balls. Important is to get the feeds with topspin and pace and not like many coaches do. Good luck

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