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  1. damon says

    Will, what about high slice?? becosue I’v got problem with that and specialy with high slice follow through!!

  2. Franz says

    I’m a tennis trainer as well and I think it’s very important to emphasize 2 things:

    1. the wrist has to be relaxed or a bit stretched in the contact point. It’s wrong to pull actively the wrist

    2. the racquet has to follow the move a bit down to the ground. After that he can decelerate naturally. In my opinion, it isn’t necessary to do this by rising

    I would be glad for an answer of this video’s teacher.

  3. Blueskymusic says

    can’t play video.

  4. Blueskymusic says

    can’t play video.

  5. Blueskymusic says

    can’t play video.

  6. Fernando says

    You have a good ideia with this site.
    I thing you have a lot of people interested.
    However it fails too much.
    What happens?

  7. Viki says

    I cannot see the video!

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