Introduction to the Slice Serve

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  • damon

    Will, what about high slice?? becosue I’v got problem with that and specialy with high slice follow through!!

  • Franz

    I’m a tennis trainer as well and I think it’s very important to emphasize 2 things:

    1. the wrist has to be relaxed or a bit stretched in the contact point. It’s wrong to pull actively the wrist

    2. the racquet has to follow the move a bit down to the ground. After that he can decelerate naturally. In my opinion, it isn’t necessary to do this by rising

    I would be glad for an answer of this video’s teacher.

  • Black

    Try expand your chest more by stretching both arms at the same pace.

    It would your racquet travels a bit more forward.

  • Blueskymusic

    can’t play video.

  • Blueskymusic

    can’t play video.

  • Blueskymusic

    can’t play video.

  • Fernando

    You have a good ideia with this site.
    I thing you have a lot of people interested.
    However it fails too much.
    What happens?

  • Viki

    I cannot see the video!