In this section you’ll find video lessons on the fundamentals of the slice serve. As you’ll see in the subsequent lessons, we teach the slice serve by using the technical framework we learned in the serve fundamentals area of Make sure you’ve checked those videos out before approaching the lessons here!

Introduction to the Slice Serve
The slice serve is a very important serve to master if you’re interested in advancing to higher-levels of play. It can be a very effective first serve. We’ve taught the slice serve by comparing it to the flat serve.

1 Toss Location
When hitting a slice serve you need to toss the ball further to your side so you can swing across the ball later in the motion. This will allow you to create the sidespin that defines the slice serve.

2 Swing Direction and Pronation
Because you’ve tossed the ball further to your side than you do on a flat serve, you’ll have to swing differently to get to contact.

3 Follow Through
The follow through on the slice serve is more to your side than on a flat serve. Not a ton but still a noticeable amount.


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    How about a slice serve progresion?

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    What is the different between a kick serve and a slice serve?


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