Step 1The first step of the serve progressions is learning how to swing up at the tennis ball correctly. In the serve fundamentals section of the website, steps #8 and #9 discussed how good players swing. They start by swinging up on edge. About halfway through their swing their racket and hitting arm form an “L” shape. Finally, right before contact they pronate (hyperlink) to hit the tennis ball.

At 47 seconds we start to learn this motion. My entire body is facing the net and I have the tennis racket resting on my shoulder on edge. The first step is very simple. All you need to do is swing up on edge like you are trying to use the side of the tennis racket to hammer something into a wall.

Once you have the above motion down, then you can add pronation. I do this at about 1:30 in the video. I start by swinging up on edge and pronate right before my imaginary contact point.


  1. Lukamar2 says

    What grip is used in this video? I’m asking because I have some problems with pronation, so that racket could fully face the net, using continental grip. It’s much easier for me to use eastern grip. Is it OK to use eastern grip? Or am I doing something wrong with continental grip? Maybe my wrist is unable to pronate to this extent…

    • Petike says

      I have the same problem as you “Lukamar2”, when I use the “eastern” grip, it is much easier to do the pronation, but when I use the “continental” grip, as recommended for serve, the pronation is very unnatural for my “wrist” and I feel a little pain in it.
      Could somebody tell me, what is wrong?

  2. Rosiequinn says

    these clips are great. I have been getting more out of them, then from my tennis instructor.


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