Step 8The eighth and final progression of the serve is to hit the ball using the full service motion. That said, you’re going to start slow. You’re going to work up to the baseline.

At 30 seconds in the video I begin from the service line. I use the “down together, up together” motion when I toss and take the racket back. The rest of the mechanics are the same from the previous videos. I’m still hitting the tennis ball very softly. I want the ball to bounce three times before it gets to the baseline.

Once you’re mastered, you can move back to the baseline. I do this at 1 minute in the video. You can hit with a little bit more juice, but I’m still sort of moonballing it at this point. I’m still focusing on the technique.

When you’ve got the motion 100% locked down, then you can hit the ball with some real power. I do this at 1:30 in the video. You can see that I’m hitting a pretty good serve using basic / uncomplicated mechanics. From this foundation, you’ll be able to take your serve to the next level.


  1. fred says

    Great video. I am an intermediate player and have taken alot of lessons. I have never seen anyone break the motions of the serve down as well as you have.

  2. robby says

    the site is pretty good and the steps are detailed well. however, there are a tad bit too many steps and can be quite a handful. regardless, you now know what you were doing wrong with the serve and can rectify them with the video. most of the time, the way we play (grip or motion wise) is all dependent on the issue of comfort. if something is not so comfortable, we try to avoid them. i still feel the video hasn’t established an immaculate way of perfecting the understanding of the contact point. but not bad.

  3. Philippe says

    the 3 principles of economi,simpliciti and précision (I think we say” accurate) are well difined.

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