1 Swing Up on Edge
The first step of the serve progressions is to swing up on edge. Once you master this first part, you will add pronation.

2 Forward Weight Transfer and Swing
The second step of the serve progressions is to add the weight transfer to your swing. Starting with all the weight on your back foot and your body sideways, transfer your weight to your front foot, rotate to face the net, and swing up (like you did in the previous step) all at the same time.

3 Add the Toss
The third step of the serve progressions is to learn how to toss the tennis ball correctly. We are going to table what we learned in the previous two videos for a moment while we work on some techniques to develop a consistent toss.

4 Hit the Ball Starting from the Shoulder
The fourth step of the serve progressions is to actually hit the ball, albeit with an abbreviated motion. You start with the tennis racket resting on your shoulder and combine the elements discussed in the previous videos to get to contact.

5 Start in the Trophy Pose, then Hit
The fifth step of the serve progressions is to hit the ball from the trophy pose. To work up to this motion, start by shadowing it. Once you can shadow the motion properly, try and add the toss and hit the ball.

6 Add the Follow Through
The sixth step of the serve progressions is to learn to follow through properly. The follow through is relatively simple. The key is to do it just as slowly and deliberately as you had executed the steps in the previous videos.

7 Learn the “Broken Serve”
The seventh step of the serve progressions to hit the ball using a technique called the “broken serve.” This motion makes it earlier to learn the “down together, up together” motion of your arms during the service preparation.

8 Complete the Full Service Motion
The eighth step of the serve progressions is to hit the ball using a full service motion. You start at the service line, hitting softly. Once you master this type of serve you can move back to the baseline.


  1. Axel says

    These videos are great! They’ve helped my serve so much, thank you FYB!

  2. Anonymous says

    I can’t see this video off my iPad. I assume this is in standard flash unlike the YouTube videos?

  3. Desertbobcat says

    I have never seen the serve broken down to this level of detail before.
    It is really excellent! I wish you the best in your goals.

  4. Ronray43 says

    So, if you’re using volley technique for the forehand slice approach, are you also going to a continental grip for this shot?

  5. Manny says

    Hey Will, thank you so much for the instruction videos. It has been helping me a lot!


  6. Nafi Ul Kaysar Buruz says

    You have no idea how much I owe to you….Thanks from Bangaldesh!!! (^_^)

  7. Paul says

    Love the video but I have yet to see any comment on what grip to use for the serve

    • Ted says

      Paul, it’s in the first section of the serve, a continental or Eastern backhand grip is recommended and most versatile

  8. livio says

    Fantastic! I haven’t made a single move yet, but just watching your lessons makes me feel like a navigated pro … I almost feel the full and continous action and movements. Tomorrow down in the court i’ll …

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