Step 7The seventh part of the serve is the leg push and it’s part of getting to the correct racket drop. We separated this video from the previous one to make getting to the racket drop easier to learn.

We start the video with me in the trophy pose. My knees are fully bent and the weight is equally distributed on the balls of each foot. From this position, I push off my legs up and into the tennis court. The key — this is absolutely critical — is to be fully pushed off my legs at the same instant I have the tennis racket behind my back and pointed at the tennis court. My legs are completely straight and my tippy-toes are the only part of my feet still on the court. This entire body position — tennis racket pointed down at the court behind me and legs fully pushed off — is what is referred to as “the racket drop.”

At 58 seconds in the video we have a picture of Andy Roddick in his racket drop. He’s fully pushed off his legs — they are totally straight — he’s got the tennis racket pointed down behind his back, his tossing arm is in the process of falling down, his shoulders are level, and his body is sideways. This body position, the racket drop, is something that every single good server gets to. It doesn’t matter if it’s Andy Roddick, Serena Williams, or Pete Sampras. They all get to this exact same body position. This is despite the fact that pros often have differences in how they prepare to serve, or how they wind up. At 2:02 in the video we start to cycle through some pictures of the pros to demonstrate how they all get to the racket drop, and how their body positions are identical at this stage of the serve.


  1. Guillaume says

    2:04 Bob Bryan, foot fault !

    • Vince says

      Bob Bryan is jumping. It isn’t a foot fault.

  2. Guest says

    Will has an ugly looking serve but I don’t know if it’s effective.

  3. dfjdsal says

    Which way is Andy’s face.Could any one tell except for his hat.

  4. Bill says

    Will never shows Rafa or Rogerwho are pretty good servers.

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