Step 10The tenth part of the serve is the follow through. From contact, I continue to pronate after I’ve hit the tennis ball. Also, I want to point the tennis racket down at the court, which I do at 10 seconds in the video. From this position, I bring the racket around to the other side of my body. This allows me to smoothly decelerate the tennis racket.

At 20 seconds in the video I focus on my feet during the follow through. Because I jumped when I served, I need to land on my front foot (which is my right foot because I’m left handed — it’s the opposite for all your right-handers out there). All the weight needs to be on my front foot. I’m kicking my back foot up, which allows me to stay balanced over the course of my follow through.

At 43 seconds in the video we look at some pictures of Andy Roddick following through. As he follows through he points the tennis racket down at the court. As he continues to follow through he’ll land on his front foot (with all of his weight on that foot), he’s got his back foot kicked up, and that’s going to help him stay balanced as he follows through. You’ll also notice that he’s begun to bring the tennis racket around to the other side of his body. In the final picture, taken from behind, Roddick has completed his follow through. His footwork remains the same and he’s brought the tennis racket all the way around to the other side of his body.

Now your service motion is complete! Hurray!

We would also like to extend a special thanks to the Washington Kastles World Team Tennis organization and Qorvis Communications. We were granted media passes in the Summer of 2008 to photograph matches and videotape player warm-ups even though we are not technically a tennis news outlet. Much of the great player hitting footage and still shots that we used in this section to teach you the tennis serve are the fruits of the opportunity the Kastles and Qorvis offered to us. We are looking forward to next season!


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  10. jack barnett says

    i love this stuff so much i do it every time I play

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  12. Leopold says

    Its the best explanation I ‘ ve ever seen on how a serve is really built up.. Now, I just have to execute it, can’t wait ūüėČ

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