The third step of the kick serve progressions is to take the mechanics we worked on in the previous two videos, but now swing a little bit harder. The main differences between a kick serve and a flat serve is how you swing, how you pronate, and how you follow through. Once you master those differences, it’s simply a matter of building up your swing speed.

It’s important to transition from a very slow speed (how you initially practiced the kick serve in the previous videos) to a full swing. This video serves as a “bridge” between the two swing speeds.

To start, you need to choke down on the tennis racket handle. Remember in the previous videos, you where holding the tennis racket at the top of handle. Now, you’ll choke halfway down. So in other words, your hand is exactly in between the top and bottom of the handle. Also, you’re going to hit from no-man’s land. So you need to back up from the service line a little bit.

Again, the mechanics are exactly the same. You’re just swinging a little bit faster. Remember, on a kick serve you’ll (eventually) swing just as hard as you would on a flat serve. However, you’re trying to generate spin and not pace.

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