Welcome to the kick serve progressions section of the website. In this section, we’ve going to build you up to a fundamentally sound kick serve.

We’ve made several assumptions in this section. First, we assume that you can hit a flat serve like we laid out in the fundamentals / progressions sections of the website. Some of the things we talk about in this section require that you’re able to do the steps we’ve laid out in those other sections. Second, we assume you’ve watched all the videos in the kick serve fundamentals section of the website. Specifically, you should understand where your toss needs to be (directly over your head!) when you hit it. If your toss is a little errant, you should practice until you can put the tennis ball in the same place consistently before you approach the tennis lessons in this section.

That said, you shouldn’t be scared away from this section. Learning the kick serve, once you’ve mastered the serve fundamentals, isn’t particularly difficult. There are four progressions in this section that will build you up to a fundamentally sound kick serve. Once you lock down these steps, you’ll be in position to take your kick serve to the next level – to turn it into a major asset to your game.

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