The fourth and final progression of the kick serve is to move all the way back to the baseline and try hitting with the abbreviated motion from the previous videos. Once you master that, then you can try to hit using a full service motion.

In the first clip I’m all the way back at the baseline. Also, I’m holding the tennis racket at the bottom of the handle. So a “normal” serve grip. I’m still not going after the ball too much. I’m still working the technique and making sure I can get the ball in (very) consistently.

Once I’ve locked down the abbreviated motion, I can hit with a full motion. The mechanics of this shot will resemble the mechanics we laid out in the serve progressions section of the website. For example, I don’t use too much knee bend. Again, the main differences are the swing direction, pronation, and follow through.

Finally, to demonstrate the efficacy of this kicker motion I serve to Adam. I continue to swing at a moderate speed. My kick serve bounces about 6 feet in the air (Adam is 6’2”). Most players won’t be able to do too much (or anything) with this serve.


  1. Eric Schottenstein says

    Yes, you are primarily striking slice, rather than kick.

  2. Realmccoy61 says

    The series is very impressive. I’ve been searching the web and this is the most comprehensive and the easiest to understand. The overhead shots combined with the serve motion is enlightening. Very well done!

  3. Rich says

    Nice and easy to understand!

  4. vini says

    i love this website

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