The Various Serve Stances
In the serve fundamentals section of the website we suggested using the party stance. There are, however, several other stances you can use when serving.

How the Arm Moves from the Racket Drop to Contact
This video looks, in detail, at what exactly is going on as a high-level player swings from the racket drop up to his contact point during the serve.

Leading with your Hip when Serving
Getting your core muscles into your tennis serve is very important. This video discusses a specific technique – leading with the hip – that will help you get the middle of your body, and not just your arms and legs, into your serve.

How the Back Leg Kicks Up on your Serve
The main reason your back leg kicks up during your tennis serve follow through is that it helps you stay balanced. This video takes a closer look at some of the particulars of the leg kick.

Choosing Between Speed and Consistency on your First Serve
How hard should you hit your first serve? This video makes the case that by taking a few mph off your first serve you’ll turn it into a more potent weapon.

Transitioning from the Trophy Pose to the Racket Drop
In the serve fundamentals section of the website we discussed how you should get to the trophy pose. We taught getting to the trophy pose because our method makes it easy to transition from the trophy pose to the racket drop later in the serve. This video discusses some variations in the trophy pose and how that affects transitioning to the racket drop.


  1. Brajks says

    Hello, can you tell what Grip shoul i use for the second serve (spin serve),….Thanks alot šŸ˜‰

  2. C says

    there are no videos on any of the pages on this web site for Advanced Serve Technique – where do I find them, please?

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