Return of Serve Summary

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Let’s now talk about the return of serve from start to finish. At the beginning of my opponent’s service motion, I’m in the ready position. As he winds up to serve, I take one step forward into the tennis court and then hit my split step. I’m timing the split step so that I am just leaving the ground or already in midair when my opponent makes contact with the tennis ball.

Once I hit my split step, I step out with my outside foot and begin to close diagonally on the serve. At the same time, my shoulders turn sideways and I take my racket back, but not as far as I would on a normal groundstroke. From this position, I’m ready to swing to the tennis ball.

I swing to the ball by stepping across my body with my inside foot. My weight is still coming forward because I am still continuing to close on the ball. At the same time I step into a closed stance, I swing to the tennis ball with my racket and make contact out in front of my body. I then follow through around to the other side of my body, and that is the completion of my service return motion.