Step 3The third and final step of the service return is to step across your body with your inside foot and at the same time hit the tennis ball. At 0:25 in the video, you can see that as I shadow the motion, I step across and hit with a closed stance. I’m hitting with a closed stance here because I am still moving toward the tennis ball. After your split step, when you pivot out with your outside foot, that one step is not likely to get you to the tennis ball, and you will need to take one more with your inside foot to get to it, resulting in a closed stance. We’ve said elsewhere on this site that you generally want to avoid hitting with a closed stance if possible because it limits your body rotation. On a return of serve, you may not have much of a choice because of how hard the tennis ball is coming at (or away from) you.

At 1:15 in the video, you can see me performing the last part of the service return. I’ve hit my split step and then stepped out with my outside foot and gotten my tennis racket back. My weight is coming forward. I then step across my body and into the court with my inside foot and at the same time swing forward and make contact with the ball. At the moment of contact, my inside foot is across my outside foot, making this a closed stance. I then follow through smoothly around to the other side of my body. Again though, the key here was the footwork.

Let’s now look at Andy Roddick doing this part of the service return. In the first picture, we can see that he’s stepped out with his outside foot into the court and is closing on the tennis ball. He’s taken his racket back, but not as far as he would on a normal forehand groundstroke. In the next picture, we can see that Andy has stepped across his body with his inside foot, and made contact in a closed stance. He’s followed through around to the other side of his body.


  1. Randal says

    love this!

    question: is the movement the same with a body serve? i seem to get jammed all the time with return of body serves.

  2. kristian says

    now…this is my favorite website!!!

  3. Steve says

    What about the backhand return of serve?

  4. Kenmeyerjr says

    Seems very strange to me to be contacting a ball while a foot is in the air…I know there is a lot of new thinking out there (such as hitting with an open stance in general), but being an older player and thinking more old school, it just seems wrong to be hitting the ball without both feet planted.

  5. Oralnurse says

    wish that i had been taught these steps earlier when i spent so much money!

  6. Ian says

    Hi Will. What grip do you use for service returns? Surely you don’t have time to switch between forehand and backhand grips.

  7. Fisher93 says

    Using two hands to hold the racket, there is plenty of time to switch grips using a twisting motion of the racket handle. And, even I, being 72 years old, can hit a forehand with both feet off the ground, jumping into the shot. Being very lazy, though, and liking to conserve energy, I usually keep both feet on the ground.

  8. heathcliff says

    I signed in for free newsletter (so I will be getting an email every day of the week here on out) in order to watch the return of serve video, instead I got an email about the foreheand.

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  10. Pauline.schindler says

    Hi Will, thus part of your website may be ancient. As I have joined recently, I would really like to see all these videos. Have they been removed from the site?

  11. 宋建伟 says

    why cant i see the video?was it because it charges or something else?

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