Introduction to the Overheads
This video introduces the overheads. Overheads are an important shot to master because your opponent has several ways to hit the tennis ball by you when you are at net. If he tries to lob you, you’ll need an effective overhead to stay on the offensive.

1 Get Sideways
The first thing you need to do when you prepare to hit a overhead is get your body sideways. There are several ways to do this depending on the situation you are in at net. The most important thing to take away from this video, however, is that you need to get yourself sideways immediately when you realize you opponent is trying to lob the tennis ball over your head.

2 Swing to Contact
Swinging to hit the ball on an overhead resembles, in many respects, how you swing when serving. The main difference is that you are moving (most of the time) when you hit an overhead.

3 Scissor-Kick Overhead
The tennis scissor kick overhead is defined by the footwork involved. You need to move in a specific way as you retreat to hit the tennis ball. This video focuses on the footwork involved in the scissor kick overhead — footwork that will allow the rest of your tennis overhead mechanics to remain the same.


Overhead Footwork Variations
When we talked about the fundamentals of the overhead, we said that the very first thing you needed to do when you realized you were going to hit an overhead was to turn sideways. We didn’t get into the specifics of how to do that though because there are a couple variations you can use, and which you will employ depends on a couple of different factors.


  1. Newbie says

    wat grip will you use in this offensive strike

    • DionDJS says

      You should be using a continental grip or a slight variation just as you would hit a serve. An eastern forehand grip is also effective but you should use the continental to have a faster reaction time if the ball is returned.

  2. saman ghiasi says

    hi and thank so so much…you are one of the best coaches in the world

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