In the volleys fundamentals section of, we mentioned that when you prepare to hit a volley you need to get your arm and racket into a position where your elbow is bent and the racket head is pointed up, and again that arm position looks a little bit like a U shape when seen from the front. From that position you are going to swing the racket to the tennis ball from the shoulder.

That arm position is not the only one you can use when hitting a volley, although it is still the basic arm position you want to get into when you prepare. If a volley is further away, you can straighten out the elbow and racket a bit so that your arm position now looks more like a V.

At 0:40 in the video above, I am hitting a volley that is out away from my body. I split step and then begin to move out to the tennis ball. As I initially prepare, at 0:45 you can see that my arm position at this point resembles the U shape we talked about. However, as I step across to hit, my arm straightens out and at contact my arm is now in more of a V shape. Again, my arm position has changed from the preparation to contact because I was reaching out for the ball. It’s important that you still set up in the U position, but it is acceptable to straighten the elbow if you need to reach a ball further away from you.

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