This section contains tennis lessons on advanced volley techniques — some of the higher-level things the pros do when volleying up at net.

Volley a Ball Hit Directly at You
Volleying a ball hit right at you can be difficult. In most cases, this is a backhand volley. It’s easier to get the tennis racket into position on a backhand for this type of volley and you don’t have to move as much as you would for a forehand.

Volley Hitting-Arm Positions
In the volley fundamentals section of the website, we said you have to establish a specific arm and racket position as you prepare to hit. That relationship will look similar to a “U.” This relationship can change depending on where your opponent hits the ball and how far you have to reach.

Volley Footwork Variation
In the volley fundamentals section we said that you need to step in as you hit. We were purposely vague about exactly how you step because it depends on how far you have to move to the tennis ball. In this video, I demonstrate how your forward step changes depending on how much I have to move to volley the tennis ball.

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