To find the two-handed backhand grip and explain it easily, we are first going to assume that you are right handed. First, grip the tennis racket handle with your right hand so that your heel pad is resting on the first bevel (the top) of the handle. However, your index knuckle is going to rest on the second bevel, one bevel over from the top.

Now place your left hand on the handle. You want the heel pad of your left hand to rest on the seventh bevel. The index knuckle should also rest on the seventh bevel. If you were left handed, this would be an eastern forehand grip. The real key to the two-handed backhand grip is that you want to be holding the racket in a way that allows both arms to move smoothly throughout the shot.


  1. Joao Victor Aldinucci says

    Hello, I’m a brazilian that like a lot this site. I play tennis with this way of to hold the racket. But I saw an other way: take a left hand using a semi-western forehand grip. Thanks a lot.

  2. Marcos Silva says

    Marcos Silva

    And about another 2hand bh grip

  3. Jntenniscoach says

    Other two handed backhand grips exist especially among female pros that place the top hand further around the racquet thereby forcing the racquet face to close more.

    Venus is an example of this

    • KD Guest says

      —No, that’s because most female players make contact with both elbows bent, making it look different.—

      • Hmeijer says

        No, he’s correct, some women players rotate their grips further forward to allow for a more open stanced shot

  4. Chasemayer85 says

    I have my left hand on a semi-western and my right hand on a continental for my backhand

    • Daniel says

      I do as well

  5. coach adel says

    is great hot lesson for all tennis player

    thank you

  6. Viki says

    How can I see the video?

  7. saeid says

    How can i see the video.??

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