The Continental Grip is the grip most pros use to serve, volley, slice, and hit overheads, and this is the grip you want to use for those shots as well. It’s also the grip that pros used “back in the day” to hit their forehands, but since the game has changed so much, it is no longer considered an acceptable tennis forehand grip to use if you are a modern student of the game.

Technically, the Continental Grip is where the heel pad and index knuckle of your hitting hand are resting on the second bevel of the tennis racket. In the video above you can see a shot of me holding the racket with a continental grip, and you can see my heel pad and index knuckle resting on the second bevel of the tennis racket handle.


  1. Anonymous says

    Is it important how one holds her arm using the continental grip for volleying?

    • Euroclyde66 says

       yes.  this is the most important part of volleying.  the number 1 rule is there will always be exceptions to rules, but i can pretty much guarantee you that you’ll never ever have a good volley without using a continental grip.

  2. Israel Tonin says

    In the video you said that the continental grip is not used anymore for forehands. What would be the different types of grips for forehands and backhands that most players uses right now?

  3. heidi says

    loving the lessons, hating the same xbox ad before every lesson.

  4. liz says

    Can you serve with the east continental grip?

  5. amanda says

    What happened to the videos?

  6. Haidar says

    Video too short

  7. Joseph smith says

    Its essential to note that although both the ‘chopper’ grip and the continental grip both lay the index knuckle on the 2nd bevel, the continental grips 4 finger knuckle aligment is significantly different. The 4 finger knuckles run parallel to the racket handle whereas the continental runs at an angle around 30-40 degrees with the index finger resembling a trigger position.

  8. Tombsmall says

    So, I appears that I use a continental forehand grip.  I use it for both ground strokes and serves.  why is that no longer used as a forehand grip?  

  9. zac goochey says

    that suckeedddd

  10. tigger_tt says

    the video was to short

  11. Raimy says

    Very nice!

  12. Jelle says

    Just a question, why do some people say that the continental grip is when you
    place the v on top of the grip. Some say on top, others like you say the second bevel. This is somehow what confusing for beginners like me. 😉 Even James Jensen say’s that continental is on top of the grip. Do i miss something?

    All the best from Belgium,

    Btw you are a fantastic teacher!

    • Allen says

      Both lessons you are being taught are correct the confusion comes from the references the teacher is using, The hill pad and knuckle are on the # 2 panel for the Continental Grip weather you put the V between your thumb and finger on top or you place the hill pad and index finger knuckle on panel #2.

  13. Simone Rettore says


  14. Viki says

    Can you see the video?

    • steven says


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