Roger Federer's Forehand Grip

How to Find a Tennis Grip (START HERE)
This video explains the technical definition of a grip. How you position your heel pad and index knuckle on the tennis racket handle — where on the handle they rest — determines your grip. We also look at how grips affect how you hit the tennis ball.

The Continental Grip
The continental grip is the grip many professionals use to serve, volley, and hit overheads. It’s probably the grip you want to use for these shots as well. Also, many pros used to use this grip to hit a forehand. However, given the changes in the game over the past few decades it’s no longer an acceptable forehand grip.


The Eastern Forehand Grip
The eastern grip is the most conservative grip you can use to hit a forehand. The natural contact point for an eastern forehand grip is about waist high. This grip makes it easy to hit the tennis ball flat, also called “driving” the ball.

The Semi-Western Forehand Grip
The semi-western grip is a very popular forehand grip. In fact, it’s probably the most popular grip on the professional tour. The natural contact point for the semi-western forehand grip is in between the waist and the shoulders. This grip allows players to both hit the tennis ball flat and with spin.

The Western Forehand Grip
The western grip is the most extreme grip you can use to hit a forehand. The natural contact point for a western forehand grip is about shoulder high. The grip makes it easy to hit the tennis ball with a lot of topspin.


Two-Handed Backhand Grip
The two-handed backhand grip is distinct because you will have two hands on the tennis racket. Each hand will be positioned different on the racket handle to facilitate correct technique.

Classic One-Handed Backhand Grip
This video explains and shows the classic one-handed backhand grip (also called the eastern backhand grip) that many tennis players use when hitting a one-handed backhand. This is a great grip to start with if you’re just beginning to learn how to hit a one-hander.

Extreme One-Handed Backhand Grip
TThis video explains and shows the extreme one-handed backhand grip that some pro tennis players, such as Justine Henin, use when hitting their one-handed backhands. The heel pad and index knuckle of your hitting hand rest on the eighth bevel of the tennis racket handle.


Your Grip Influences how much Topspin you Create
The grip you use to hit a forehand will typically affect the amount of topspin you get. Conservative grips give you less topspin on the tennis ball, while more extreme grips give you more..

Your Grip Influences Body Rotation on Forehand
The grip you chose to hit your forehand with will normally influence the amount of upper body rotation you get. Conservative tennis grips result in less rotation on your forehand, while more extreme grips result in greater rotation. This video looks at the reasons behind this forehand phenomenon.

Roger Federer’s Forehand Grip
This video looks at the grip Federer uses to hit a forehand. As we’ll see, Roger uses the eastern forehand grip.


  1. Anonymous says

    Thanks for the analysis will. I have a more technical question. Actually I use the eastern forehand grip. When I go to a stroke on my confort zone I offen see the ball going to the skies. Analysing some videos that I made I figured out that the most of times my racket´s face is open because I´m trying to keep my muscles relaxed and Im not focusing on the stroke, I´m trying to leave my body work without my counscious commands. Sometimes I hit an offcenter and the racket´s face get opened because the things I have said too.

    I have tried to use the semi-western forehand grip… its ok, I create a lot of spin, but then the ball lands on the center of the court and I cant stroke any lower ball.

    This problem is not so frequent on my backhand side, maybe because I´m a two handed backhand player.

    So my question is should I turn my arm counterclockwise to control this rotational tendency of the racket and continue with the eastern forehand grip (that is the one that Im used to) or should I start to use the semi-western forehand grip and adapt my game to it?

  2. cami says

    why there is no eastern backhand grip??

    • jake says

      go to ‘classic one-handed backhand grip’

  3. Fmplayer says

    Hi Will !
    Nobody speaks about grip switching, as if the grip choice was final.
    So I have a little question: Can you make a grip adjustment according to the conditions? In other words, when you play with lower bounces or on a faster surface, can you switch from a regular semi western grip to an eastern one for the time of a match, or should we consider that the grip choice is permanent and cannot be changed ?
    What about the pros ? Wimbledon and Roland Garros are rather different
    playing conditions … How do they adjust?

    • Guest says

      The grip choice is never final, coming from someone who has played tennis for about 6 years and changed grip about 3 or 4 times, adapting to my style of play at the moment.
      Most pros can play with two or more grips, and having those grips in your arsenal is very important for a high-level tennis player.

  4. Cathymaca says

    Hiya Will. Can you say something about the Service Grip please. Thanks

    • KD Guest says

      —the continental grip—

  5. helloomichelle says

    hey can you talk about extreme western too?

  6. UnsureForehand. says

     i made a huge switch from my extreme western (essentially a flipped continental) to a modern eastern (between semi and full eastern) … i am 4th ranked in my area and am not sure whether to switch to a semi-western from here or stay with what i have. will an eastern generate enough spin to compete at the same level as when i had my extreme western.

  7. Callum_smellum says

    i use the pistol grip

  8. big fella says

    i prefere the western grip, aids with vollying

  9. johny says

    no you guys are absolute cockheads, pull yourselfs together! i will kill you both

  10. big fella says

    i fight you johnny

  11. Mandy gottswagg Parillon says

    love this game alot im da illest…..

    • Kevinnguyen says


  12. Ltcoba says

    How to determine which grip is best for me

    • Noob says


  13. Tom says

    Why no videos? Just text?

  14. Bryce says

    Why not use the Hawaiian forehand grip? Show a video on that.

    • Jasper says

      I use the Hawaiin forehand Grip.(Extreme Western Grip) Now i can’t even use the semi western grip properly…

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