Step 2The second step of the windshield wiper forehand progressions is to take the mechanics we worked on in the previous video, move back into no man’s land, and choke down on the handle a little bit. Instead of holding the racket at the top of the handle, now you should hold it in the middle of the handle. From no man’s land you’ll practice hitting some tennis balls.

The previous video basically taught you how to hit a windshield wiper forehand. Now you simply need to increase you swing speed gradually and work your way up to a normal swing. At 1:05 in the video I demo the motion. I’m holding the tennis racket in the middle of the handle. When I hit, I freeze halfway into my follow through. That way I can ensure that I’m swinging up to the ball correctly.

Once I master this abbreviated motion, now I can add the full follow through. I do this at about 1:30 in the video. Make sure that you form the box we talked about in the previous video! Also, I’m still not swinging at full speed. I’m just trying to work the technique.


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