Step 3The third and final step of the windshield wiper forehand progressions is to move back to the baseline and try and hit using the entire motion. In the previous two videos the motion was abbreviated. Hopefully, by now you are comfortable with that motion so it’s time to try the whole thing.

At 35 seconds into the video I demo a few windshield wiper forehands. I’m not trying to hit as hard as I can. I’m still trying to work the technique.

At 1:10 in the video I discuss why the windshield wiper forehand is a versatile shot. You can hit a very consistent ball with this technique — one with a lot of topspin — so it’s a good rally ball. You can also hit hard — go after the ball — because that extra topspin allows you to aim a little bit higher over the net than you otherwise would and still be confident that the ball will drop in.


  1. Anonymous says

    I am having trouble w/ my forehand and backhand topspin groundstrokes. I hit the ball relatively flat. My strokes are pretty good but at times inconsistent. I would like to mix it up hitting topspin and flat. Also, I am having trouble keeping the flat ball deep. Thank You for reading the message, please comment back.

  2. Anonymous says

    the forehand shots used on pro tour are mostly windshield wiper forehands, reverse forehands and occasionally slice

  3. Anonymous says

    Great and easy explaination.

  4. Anonymous says

    Hi Will,
    Thanks for your really interesting videos!
    I hit pretty good topspin FH but some of the balls I hit don’t go to far (They come down in the middle of the court). Can you tell me what I should do to make the balls go further (more power transfer to the ball)? Is it the shoulder rotation that I am not doing right?



  5. Alan says

    I’ve been trying to hit WW forehands lately and I find my shots quite inconsistent. Most of the time, the ww forehand shots I hit are really high, about 2 or more meters off the ground and bounce over my partner’s head. I tried to bring them down a bit by having a lower follow through but it doesn’t work. I think there is something wrong with my swinging motion.

    • Joe says

      Did you mastered your fundematel first

      • Grammar Police says

        Fundamental, you mean?

        -Grammar Police

  6. Just another tennis geek says

    Thanks Will and fuzzy yellow ball for the post and appreciate all the great stuff that’s been listed.

    however as a ‘student’ of tennis, i will have to disagree with the teaching of the windshield wiper forehand in this current fashion. Pro’s + coaches alike have been teahing this IMO incorrectly.

    Alot of the 3.5-4.5 students want more from their forehand and don’t know how to get to that next level. “Modern forehand” and understanding the dynamics (even from coaches percpectives) are done by watching the pro’s and mimicing there movements which is not always correct (in this case with the WW forehand. Anyways enough of the monologue here’s my two cents.

    WWF taught in this example will not help your game (may be harmful). 3.5-4.5 level students when applying topspin should follow through with the racquet
    above the shoulder (ensure that you have hit high to low) and that you have had a fully extended arm.

    -WHY-The best strokes are based on full long swings the WW forehand will cause intermediate students to break their elbow to SOON and for them have a linear and not angular stroke stroke which will decrease the probability of top spin. As well, shortened and horizontal stroke focus = less power. You want a long, full extended, linear stroke with momentum and energy focus linearly straight into the directional of the ball and not accross your body.

    So if what you are saying is true – wtf are the pro’s doing this WWF?

    Greater power forehand = faster (more) hip rotation into directional of ball + faster forehand (wrist -this is debatable) pronation just prior to and post impact
    of the ball.

    Pro’s want max power and on their forehand have unwound all the ‘loaded’ energy so much and so fast that hip/shoulder and waist roation have caused their body to rotate. The fore arm and wrist have pronated so violently through the ball that the bottom of the racquet now faces the oponent. The arm length is kept as straight and relaxed as possible for maximum length just prior to contact, which causes the arm to finish on the other side of the body. Finished product is what people have been calling the WWF stroke.

    1) a forehand driver topspin shot
    2) an aggresive rather than defensive shot (bounces lower than topspin)
    3) IMO used best with semi-open and open stance (not saying it can’t be done with clsoed)
    4) Used best only with really good hip/shoulder/waist rotation (especially when rotation to the other side of your body is required). Doing it without any is pretty useless, and defeats the purpose.
    5) Used best with a long fast relaxed stroke.. If you have a medium/short stroke that is tense you will come up short – forgot about it.

    I DON’T care who you are or what you say – I still want to do it?

    IMO it’s best learned cross court. I often use it hit winners down my opponent forehand side from an inside outside position. it’s deadly in that fashion.

    here’s some tips if you want to give a shot. I use a SW grip

    1) use a semi open stance
    2) ensure you hit in front of you
    3) have your arm and wrist totally relaxed (like it was limp almost)
    4) hit like you normall would (hopefully using the modern forehand technique)
    5) load legs and try to push off the loaded foot prior to impact.
    6) shift momentum into the ball so much that you rotate your upper body to face the other direction.
    7) prior to hitting the ball thinking of brushing the ball hard with forehand and wrist prior to contact.
    8) your follow through and shot should end resembling the wwf you want.

    this all i got – just gotta say keep on stroking.

    GLHF (good luck have fun)

  7. Doesn't Like Haters says

    Seems someone is a little negative and Mr. Know it all. what is your name? Maybe we can see you on the US Open since you seem to know so much

  8. Pakiboysaad says

    really nice videos,i have learned alot

  9. John says

    Very nice and I can’t believe it is free!  🙂

  10. Ken says

    Hi,Will. Thank you nice tennis lesson about windshield wiper forehand.
    But I cannot see the video. I can see some of the video, but some of these I cannot see.

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