Start with the Racket Back

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Step 2The second step of the forehand progressions is to start with your racket back and your body turned sideways. In this step we work on developing a proper forward swing to contact.

What I’ve done in the video above is shadow the motion first. I’ve positioned myself sideways, and you can see that the racket is pointed straight back at the back fence. Notice, however, that the relationship between my racket, wrist and elbow, my hitting-arm position, is exactly the same as it was in the previous video.

The first thing I do is rotate my body back around to face the net. When I do that you’ll notice that my hitting-arm position doesn’t change. If we rewind to the racket back position, as I rotate back toward the net I get my back heel up to help my rotate my body back around.

Finally, from contact, I am going to follow through just like I did in the previous steps. I catch my racket out in front of me because that is going to help me follow through correctly.

At 1:05 in the video I hit a live ball. You can see that I am trying to keep this motion as simple as possible. I turn into the ball, my racket and hitting arm position stay the same from the racket back position, into contact, and into my follow through.

From the back view, as I rotate my body back towards the net that my back heel comes up to help me get my body around. I am not trying to hit hard, I’m just really trying to work the technique.

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