Introduction to the Footwork

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Footwork is arguably the most important part of tennis. You can have the prettiest strokes on the planet, but none of that matters if you can’t move out to the tennis ball, set up, and then actually use those pretty strokes. If you don’t move well, sometimes you’ll be too close to the tennis ball when you hit, other times too far away, or maybe the ball will be too low or too high. Correct footwork allows you to set up and use the proper mechanics when you hit.

When you play tennis, there’s a specific way you move in almost every situation.
You move a certain way when moving out to hit the tennis ball and the same is true when recovering back to the tee. There is well-defined footwork for each scenario.

In this section we are going to focus on moving out to the tennis ball, setting up to hit, and then recovering back to the middle of the court. We present the footwork in the chronological order of a typical groundstroke sequence.

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