Welcome to the advanced footwork technique section of FuzzyYellowBalls.com! Here we look at some of the advanced footwork patterns pros use to move around the court.

Adjusting to Short and Deep Balls Around the Baseline
Moving up or back to get to the ball is a little bit different than moving laterally. This video examines how your footwork changes when you have to move up or move back.

More Steps in between Shots
If you’ve watch a lot of professional tennis, you may have noticed how many steps the pros take in between shots. Increasing the number of steps you take in between each shot is an easy way to improve your groundstrokes and requires very little practice to implement.

Open Stance Footwork Variation
You don’t always have to hit a closed stance forehand when you’re hitting on the run. With a bit of footwork training, you can hit balls on the run in an open stance. This footwork variation will also allow you to recover back to the middle of the court quickly after you hit the tennis ball.

Using your Feet to Control your Contact Height
Your footwork should not only get you to the tennis ball, but also allow you to control your contact height. Small adjustments in your footwork will help you make contact with the ball in a comfortable and consistent location.


  1. florian says

    roger is roger he’s able to make very difficult things , in a very easy way, but adding steps is the most common way to improve your adjusting to balls.

  2. saman says

    nice video and teaching .thank you so much will.

  3. saman says

    in my country these excellent videos and good teaching will teach along 4 years and 3000 $ !!!
    thank you so much

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