This section of focuses on the footwork — how you move around the tennis court when you play. Footwork is arguably THE MOST important part of tennis. It’s not enough to just get to the tennis ball. You have to get there in a way that allows you to use correct technique and you have to recover so that you’re able to change directions quickly.

Footwork Fundamentals (START HERE)
The footwork fundamentals are the things that all high-level tennis players do to move around the tennis court and set up for their shots effectively. Mastering these fundamentals will greatly improve your game without even swinging at a tennis ball.

Advanced Footwork Technique
This section focuses on the advanced footwork techniques that professional tennis players use to move around the court.


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    I have a question about modern tennis footwork, as demonstrated by FYB head coach Will Hamilton and Yann Auzoux. Yann said that the walking step and the hopping step are actually being performed by Roger Federer. But, after I watched tons of videos of Roger Federer, and other professionals in match, I have actually never seen him/them perform a walking step. Even his most powerful, aggresive and penetrating forehands were executed with his right leg always behind his left leg, never actually stepping forward, getting the right leg closer to the net than his left leg. The only time I actually saw him performing some of this “Modern footwork”, was a hopping step on approach shots, but thats roughly 1/10 of all shots he hits.Nevertheless, Yann then told his students to perform a forehand by their own, natural way, and I´ve notice that most of them used the walking step or hopping step. So, how should I understand this? Are the pros using walking/hopping steps only in specific situations?Is possible, that the current generation of pros almost isn´t using these movements, while the upcoming generation (for example Yanns students) will be using these moves much, much more frequently?

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