Welcome to the two-handed backhand progresssions section of the website. In this section, we are going to assume that you’ve never picked up a tennis racket before, and that you want to learn how to hit one. So we are going to go from nothing, and we are going to build you up to a fundamentally sound two-handed backhand.

The way we approach teaching the two-hander in this section is slightly different from how we presented it in the two-handed backhand fundamentals section of the website. In that section, we went through the backhand chronologically through the shot, showing yuo what all the top pros do. We started with the pivot and the shoulder turn, and then went to the backswing, etc. But simply knowing what a good player does when they hit a twohanded backhand doesn’t necessarily teach you how to hit the shot, so we’ve approached things differently here.

For example, in this section we start with contact and the follow through, because understanding what contact feels like is very important to developing proper technique. If you can master the steps we outline in this section, you will be well on your way to having a reliable weapon in your two-handed backhand.


  1. Ashish says

    i am not able to see the video at all
    Do you need to pay the money to watch this video

  2. Tom says

    honestly will you look like a bit of a spanner. have you actually ever played tennis??

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