Step 1The first step of the two-handed backhand progressions is to establish your contact point and then follow through. Your contact point should be about waist high and out in front of your body a little bit. Make sure you are using an acceptable two-handed backhand grip. From your contact point, you are going to follow through.

I want to make an important point about your follow through here because we are doing it a bit differently. You need to follow through and freeze with your arms fully extended out in front of you. My non-dominant arm is completely straight, and my dominant arm is just slightly bent. Freezing in your follow through with your arms like this makes sure that you are completely extended. You aren’t going to wrap the racket around your shoulder like you would on a normal backhand just yet.

Let’s watch me shadow this motion first. I start at my contact point and then simply push through the ball and fully extend out, freezing into my follow through at full extension. This is a very simple motion.

Let’s now watch me hit some tennis balls. I’m standing at the service line with my racket at my contact point, and I’m just pushing the ball back over the net and freezing into my follow through. From the back view, you can see that I am not trying to hit very hard at all.


  1. Anonymous says

    so i have alot more control with one hand rather then two for my backhand should i just stick with it or try and strenghten my two hander?

  2. Anonymous says

    so i have alot more control with one hand rather then two for my backhand should i just stick with it or try and strenghten my two hander?

  3. Munchkin Ross says

    The ads are to help sponsor the site, but I’m unable to view the video after the advert.

  4. Selena says

    Why is this video not available?

    • Xuyen Nguyen Son says

      Can you see the video yet? I dont see with my Ipad. Any advise? Thank you

  5. Krishna D. says

    Hey Will,

    Are you sure that the arm should be STRAIGHT at the end of the follow through?

    My coach told me it’s wrong – that the arm should be bent and be straight only at contact. I do find that keeping the arm straight makes my hitting stiff and awkward. Plus I just saw some Federer vids where his arm is NOT STRAIGHT until contact.

  6. Krishna D. says

    Sorry – I meant STRAIGHT at the end of the PREPARATION !!

  7. Craig says

    Most important aspect of hitting the backhand is to have a straight arm, ensuring you use shoulder muscles,not forearm musces in hitting the backhand. Best tip I’ve ever seen is to have instructor stand in front of student (still position in backhand swing), and the instructor place hand pressure above the elbow allowing student to feel resistance.

  8. W. T. Mathes says

    I’m right handed. Watching you demonstrate left handed just messes me up!!!
    W. T. Mathes

  9. tret says

    can’t execute sign in. what do I do after I complete the name and email entry boxes? 

  10. Salek Jakub says

    Nice tutorial man. Is it possible to find it also on youtube?

  11. Mangis says

    I have one question… 4 example .. RF in his one handed backhand hits with his racket from lower part till top… when do we use opposite sides? From upper part till lower?

  12. Xuyen Nguyen Son says

    I dont see video with my Ipad. Please advise.

  13. foucher says

    There is no video in this backhand progression lesson !!

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