Step 4The fourth step of the two-handed backhand progressions is to start adding a loop to your backhand. Most modern twohanders have some sort of loop to them. The racket doesn’t come straight back, it actually comes up and points up slightly as it comes back. So the way to start building a loop is to get yourself into the position we were in in video number two, the racket-back position. Now, raise the racket up slightly and point the racket head up about 45 degrees. The exact angle doesnt matter, but you do want to make sure that you keep the relationship between your arm and racket the same.

From here, just drop the racket down to the racket-back position and use the same mechanics as the previous videos to swing forward and follow through.

Let’s now watch me shadow this motion at 0:45 in the video above. You can see the position I’m starting in is very similar to video number two, except the racket is slightly higher up and it is angled up 45 degrees. I just drop the racket down and then swing forward.

Now it’s time to hit some tennis balls from the top of the loop. I do that by starting with my body sideways and the racket angled up. You can see that I just drop the racket down into the racket-back position.

If we watch it from the back view, you can see that these mechanics are really simple. Just drop the tennis racket down and swing forward.


  1. Richard says

    when i try to hit a ball with more top spin,Will the follow trough be the same?
    Thank you Hamilton

  2. Lars3585 says

    a 30 sec add on a 2 min video????! are they fucking serious? and it’s on every single video! this website got LAME

    • Gerardkab says

      there is a reason why its free. someone, or something has to pay the bills.

  3. Ninotennis says

    plz check ur head at the step 6. at the contact point it’s not correct .

  4. Craig says

    Helpful: Straight arm to direction of target, then release the forearm above shoulder level.

  5. DMPT29 says

    good; heavy with advertisements; helps pay

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