Start in the Ready Position

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Step 3The third step of the one-handed backhand progressions is to hit from the ready position. From the ready position: pivot, turn your shoulders and take the tennis racket back with no loop. This will put you in the racket back position from the previous video. I demo this motion at about 20 seconds in. From the racket back position, I use the mechanics from videos 1 & 2 to swing, hit and follow through.

At 1 minute in the video I hit some tennis balls to show what the technique looks like in practice. I pivot and turn my shoulders to start my motion. REMEMBER! The shoulder turn starts the racket take back. Not the arms. Once I get to the racket back position, I use the mechanics from the previous videos to swing and hit the ball. At 1:50 we clip to the back view. This should clearly illustrate that I’m taking the racket straight back.