Step 4The fourth step of the one-handed backhand progressions is to add a loop to the motion we’ve been working on. In the previous video we started in the ready position. When you pivoted and turned your shoulders you took the racket straight back. There was no loop in your backswing because it was important to master a “bare bones,” technically sound and simple one-handed backhand. However, most modern one-handers have some loop in them so that’s what we’re going to add in this step.

To start get in the racket back position from video #2. Angle the racket up, perhaps about 45 degrees. When you do this make sure that the relationship between the tennis racket and your hitting arm remains the same. From this position, you simply need to drop the racket down and swing forward using the same mechanics we’ve talked about in the previous videos.

At about 45 seconds in the video I shadow the motion.

At about 1:10 seconds in the video I hit some tennis balls. From the “top of my loop,” I drop the racket down and swing forward using the mechanics we’ve been working on. At 1:45 in the video we clip the back perspective to give you a different view of the motion.

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