Introduction to the One-Handed Backhand Progressions
This video introduces the one-handed backhand progressions. This series will build you a fundamentally-sound one-hander from scratch.

1 Contact and Follow Through
The first step of the one-handed backhand progressions is to hit from contact. We’re starting here because it’s critically important to understand what contact looks and feels like.

2 Start with Racket Back
The second step in this series is to play from the racket-back position. Your tennis racket starts point at the back fence and your body is sideways. To get to contact, you rotate your body and transfer your weight forward.

3 Start in Ready Position
Now it’s time to hit from the ready position. When you pivot, turn your shoulders and take the racket back you shouldn’t have a loop in the backswing. We’ll add that in the next step.

4 Add a Loop
Now it’s time to add a simple loop. We do this by beginning in the racket-back position but angling the racket head up about 45 degress. To swing to contact, drop the racket down and rotate toward the net.

5 Hit Using Entire Motion
The final step of the progressions series is to hit using the entire one-handed backhand motion. Start by practicing the full motion from the service line with very deliberate mechanics. Once you become comfortable with the technique you can move back to the baseline.


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