Step 2The second step of the one-handed backhand is to change your grip to one that is appropriate when hitting this shot. There is a range of grips you can use and these are covered in the grips section of the website (hyperlink!).

The way you change your grip is to relax your hitting hand, the one holding the handle. This is your right hand if you are right handed. It’s the opposite for left handers. Use your non-hitting hand, which should be holding the tennis racket at the throat, to rotate the racket around until you reach an appropriate one-handed backhand grip with your hitting hand. Then re-grip the racket.

In the video, you’ll notice that I change my grip and angle the racket head up at the same time. As a result, this step happens in tandem with the pivot and shoulder turn (the previous step).


  1. Anonymous says

    where is the video?

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    The incessant commercials are going to drive me away permanently.

  4. JEK says

    Limit the advertising! Like many of the other people commentating FYB I am getting extremely annoyed with the non-stop advertising. I really like FYB, but if this amount of advertising continues I will go elsewere for web-advice on improving my game.

  5. Kwcbpp4x4 says

    Hard to consentrate with all the commericals, very distracting.

  6. Vee says

    The lesson are great. I thoroughly loved the step by step instructions. The commericals are sooo annoying, especially when you are really focusing on the concept and trying to move from one step in the lesson to the next or evening trying to replay a lesson. It certainly does not make me want to buy the advertised item. What a waste of the viewer’s time. If the lesson has five steps, you gotta lesson to five commericals, one before each step and in most cases, the same commercial. Yikes. There has got to be a better way.

    • HHSW99HC says

       Two words, Ad Block.

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    This video series doesn’t load on an iPad…

  8. Ullaasmenon says

    great site. I won’t mind paying a $1 fee if I can get a non-commercial version of the site.

  9. La says

    this is not that good folks. Is a very basic rundown of all strokes for very beginner level players. If you want to be half decent this is not going to cut it

    • Johncallan2000 says

      Very strange: these videos worked perfectly on my iPad yesterday, didn’t need to ‘subscribe to the newsletter’ again (even though I’ve done that already a good number of times- why don’t you just allow people to ‘log in’ rather than keep submitting their credentials?) but now it doesn’t work.
      Will, in my opinion what you have here is an absolute gem of a website and idea: your clear instructions are simply the best and I am constantly recommending your site to people. However, please invest a little in making the experience optimal for your audience: it will pay dividends in the future.

  10. Steve says

    Great love the close up of the grip. Thank you, awesome video’s.

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