This section focuses on the more advanced technique and tactics pros use when they hit backhands.

Handling High Balls to the Backhand
High backhands can be a tough shot. The trick is to swing on a higher plane than normal while keeping the rest of your mechanics the same.

Extending Out, Into the Court During Your Follow Through
This video examines the importance of extending out, into the court during your follow through when hitting a two-handed backhand. A very common error is to bend your elbows immediately after contact, which has the effect of abbreviating your swing up to and through the ball.

The Various Backhand Stances
There are several stances you can use when hitting a backhand: the open stance, the neutral stance, and the closed stance. This video examines each stance and explains when you’ll typically use each one.


  1. Linh Kid says

    How about the hitting arm position of two-handed backhand?

  2. Mack says

    I’m a right hander with a two-handed backhand, should I be using my right arm to generate most of the power in my backhand with the left hand merely guiding the racquet, or mainly the left hand with the right guiding? Cheers.

    • benjiboy45 says

      For a two-handed backhand, the majority of the power should come from the left hand, not the right.

      • mahcity says

        The majority of the power should come from your legs…

  3. Dennis says

    very nice

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