The Spice to Your Soup

May 23, 2013

  • JB Glossinger

    Awesome, Awesome video!!!! I hope everyone takes this to heart…. Thanks Will for sharing.

  • Will Hamilton

    JB! I’m going to start stealing your lines next 😉

  • JB Glossinger

    HAHA anytime bro – you rock :)

  • Christian

    Wow you amaze me!!!

  • Ann

    Appreciate this thought. Personally gives me some confidence in my shot. I a pretty consistent shot over the net and in so I must be doing something right but I always feel like I’m not quite doing it right enough. Maybe it’s because I have my own spice in the mix. Thanks Will

  • Daniel (Dima)

    I like the video “How to beat a Pusher”. Smart and wisely simple!!

  • Randy Gage

    Thanks for this!


  • Martin

    Thanks Will

  • Mestengo Hidalgo

    Excellent insight with regards to tennis. But your actor friend is full of c on public speaking. Sloppy verbal skills are just that, sloppy. It is different for an actor portraying a character.

  • Jibin Moon


  • Will Hamilton

    Thanks Ann. David wasn’t talking about acting – he was talking about public speaking. The point is that if you have a few “ums” or “ahs” here and there it’s not a big deal. Don’t worry about them. Don’t try to edit them out of your video or podcast. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

    Obviously, if you say “um” or “like” every other word you have a problem.

  • John Moneypenny

    One of your best videos, Will. Liked the casual, relaxed way you made your point. You’re right . . . the bee brought out more of the real you for the viewers. Good stuff!

  • Observational_Point

    If you want to remove “ums”, “errs”, etc, you should just speak-more-slowly-and

    That’s what they teach those with a stammer … and guess what? … it works! … your brain has more time to fashion your speech.

  • Alexdstevenson1

    If you go back and checkout menstrual hidalgo’s post all over the web she seems to have some anger issues with tennis coaches I think she needs some med’s.

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