Serve Killer #4 & The Domino Effect

Here’s the first video – Serve Killers are costing you 10 MPH

  • udyrneh

    Why NO.4?

  • udyrneh

    Why NO.4?

  • udyrneh

    Why NO.4?

  • Aren

    I am sure you will figure this out, but you have not posted the first 3 “killers” yet.

  • Richard

    I didn’t get video #3, and perhaps #2. Where are these videos posted? I expect they really didn’t get out to your subscribers.

  • joe

    maybe he wants us to pay for killers 1,2 and 3

  • Coach Danise

    Can I share this with our Florida High School Tennis Coaches, at our FHSTCA.orgFacebook site?

  • doit

    this is the second video, the first one was you talking about the videos you were going to pose.

  • Paul Pena

    Man, this is killer.
    Thanks so much!

  • Will Hamilton

    You’re welcome ;-]

  • Will Hamilton


  • Will Hamilton

    It’s a good example of how a relatively minor thing can “snowball” into something much more damaging later on in your service motion

  • JF

    The same here. Will, you didn’t post the 2nd & 3rd video, just the introduction.

  • Impatient

    This is the second video I ve received. You are calling this video Serve Killer #4…What happened to the first three?

  • Gordon Sauvé

    Great stuff Will!

  • Ed

    Excellent!! It doesn’t matter where’s #2 and #3 videos…there are 12 random serve killers. Concentrate on tip provided. Look forward to next 11 videos + any bonuses such as the app.

  • Bobby

    Where’s #2 and #3 videos??…there are 12 “RANDOM” serve killers. Concentrate on tip provided.

  • Roy

    Will, good stuff, but I’m missing #2 and #3, and I don’t see any links to these on the #4 page.

  • brian

    i think will’s demonstrating that “one leads to another”… it’s the difference between cardinal and ordinal numbers; he’s using ordinal numbers as in quantity vs. cardinal as in ranking. in this way, each is as important as each other… the numbers don’t count… the mortality is the same

  • Coach Danise

    Thanks but I do not see how I can feed to our Facebook

  • cj

    awesome… can’t wait

  • Coach Danise

    Found it and posted. Thanks again.

  • brian

    i should’a looked the definitions c it up 1st… it’s the opposite… cardinal is quantity… ordinal is rank.

  • Thanh phan

    Will, Would delaying the hand racket or backswing be the same thing? I would love to have the racket delay in the low position like Sampras’ serve. One element in Isner’s serve that is identical to the Sampras’ serve is he keeps his racket low and relatively long. Serena has that too. If I’m not mistaken, They both studied and copied Sampras’ serve. I notice you have never used Sampras’ serve in your analysis. Why is that? We all know Sampras has the best and most beautiful serve. I’m sure that Federer modeled his serve after him as well many other players. It would be great if you can teach us how to copy Sampras’ hand racket delay.

  • benjamin barnett

    android as well I hope?!

  • Anonymous

    Great stuff. I want to make like Dexter and kill some killers.

  • Steve

    #4a Having too many drinks at the Heineken Cafe before match :-)

  • Owen

    Much better! You got to the point without a lot of long winded talk.

  • Vic

    Great info Will, have always enjoyed your site, keep up the good work

  • Russ

    Looks exciting!

  • ChilltownTV

    This is SO cool! Thanks, Will. Will definitely look for it!

  • Rod

    You’re such an innovative trendsetter. I’m 56 and have years of bad habits. Where were you (or someone like you) years ago? Thanks for your tennis passion!

  • Hans

    Great serve killer video, Will. I use a video camera to look at my strokes and your video will help in evaluating those.

  • lbkbill

    Sound good but remember that many people have android phone not iPhones. Don’t limit you marketing to the iPhone segment.

  • Jeff S, NJ

    Very useful, insightful and way more “to the point” than the earlier tease video.

  • Anonymous

    Will, I only got videos 1 & 4, not 2 & 3. Seems it’s happened to others as well. Don’t want to miss out on them or the next emails!

  • Dr Col

    Is there a video for serve killers #1,2,3 ?
    #4 I found very useful.
    Keep em coming Will

  • Mick

    Got 1 & 4, but not 2 or 3. Always good stuff.

  • Mary

    Hi Will & Adam!
    I’ll be watching for it! Look forward to the other videos too.

  • Jet jock

    I enjoyed ur video. Looking fwd to the next one.

  • Serve Man

    Where”s 2 & 3 ?? Also if your not advocating a delay between your ball toss & your hitting arm then it is assumed that you are suggesting the ball and hitting arm work simultaneously.. I don”t believe there is anyone on the pro circuit that serves that way!! Are you suggesting that Recreational players use a different format then the pro’s?? Not sure on your train of thought on this one..

  • Seamus O’Flarrety

    Hey Will and Adam, can totally relate to this serve killer, did it this week in my competition because I deliberately tried to slow down my motion, without realizing the follow on affects. Look forward to the other videos and hope to make it in for the analyzer and app from Down Under.

  • Will Hamilton

    Roger Federer does

  • Will Hamilton

    Glad this helped Seamus, thanks for the comment! ;-]

  • ken meyer jr

    Insightful stuff. I would never figure this stuff out on my own…hopefully I will be one of the few, the proud, the serve killer-killers! And to those that wonder where 2 and 3 are, keep in mind marketing 101!

  • sudi

    Will-you are right. This is the most common killer. But older players(60+) find it difficult to correct mainly due to reduced flexibility of the upper body.

  • Surasak Sawangrut

    Great contribution to all who need to improve their serves indeed!
    We definitely admit that your kind technically explanation is very useful and certainly bring desired results to the readers!

  • ChrisUK

    Hey Will, you look tired. Are you getting enough sleep?

  • Emile Gantous

    Great analysis Will. Do all of the serve killers apply to the 2nd serve as well as the first serve? Most rec players I see, do a totally different motion for their 2nd serve and either go for a hug spin serve or really slow down their velocity and “tap” it over the net.

  • Gabbe

    Thanks Will.
    Great Stuff!

  • yode

    after you take down the analyzer and the bonus stuff please make sure you leave the killers a bit longer – cause not everybody can make it to the chosen few:)

  • Anonymous

    what is up I never got Server Killer #1,#2,#3

  • Larry Foster

    I look forward to picking up another 10+ mph on my serve. It used to be quite a weapon, but time has taken its toll.
    I’m 70 and play 4 days a week.

  • Donna Hamilton

    Will, Thank you & I am definitely looking forward to the new video.

  • Anonymous

    The #1 serve killer is not understanding and correctly utilizing sufficient upper body rotation.

  • Bama

    Does “sign up” mean buy a program? Yep.

  • Jeff Hogan

    Thanks Wil for the great service (pun slightly intended!) and product. I look forward to experiencing an improved serve. I need all the free points I can get!


  • Anonymous

    Dear Hamilton, master of why use 10 words when 50 words will do just as well:

    I think you may be right about this issue but your demonstration model is faulty. This guy does not get to position #6 because of shoulder inflexibility. His entire racquet path shows internal rotator tightness.

  • bharat

    I have not received the serve killers 1# 2# 3# videos,

  • LEonardo

    fantastic video series!!!! really nice! thanks Will!!

  • Jason

    Is the iPhone app available in the App Store without having to buy this $47 course??

  • Erik The Viking

    Oops too late, i hope you will upload that serve analyis tool again at some other time