Head Youtek Radical Oversize & Lite Oversize

Today we’re looking at the Head Youtek Radical Oversize and the Head Youtek Radical Lite Oversize. Head’s Youtek technology causes the frame to get stiffer the harder the collision with the tennis ball. In other words, the harder you hit the ball the stiffer the frame gets. Stiffer frames allow you to hit harder, so this technology gives you a little extra pop when you’re going after the ball.

Head’s Radical tennis rackets were first made popular by Andre Agassi. The Oversize and Lite Oversize are easy to swing, have big sweet spots, and are very forgiving rackets. Thus, even if you don’t catch the ball in the middle of the strings, chances are you’ll still hit a pretty good shot.


Head Youtek Speed Mid Plus & Pro

In this racket review we’re looking at the Head Youtek Speed Mid Plus (MP) and the Head Youtek Speed Pro (the racket Novak Djokovic uses). These rackets are good for intermediate to advanced players.

The Youtek technology causes the racket to get stiffer the harder the collision with the tennis ball. Stiffer frames allow you to hit harder. So the faster you swing — the greater the collision at impact — the harder the racket lets you hit.

On the other hand, when you slow your swing down the frame will bend more at impact, increasing feel and touch.


Head Youtek Speed Lite and Elite

This video is our first foray into tennis racket reviews! We’re looking at two Head rackets — the Youtek Speed Lite and the Youtek Speed Elite.

These “Youtek” rackets are interesting because they become stiffer the harder you make contact with the tennis ball. In other words, the faster you swing the stiffer the frame gets when you hit. Most tennis rackets — regardless of whether they’re made of wood, aluminum, graphite, etc. — do the opposite. The greater the collision with the tennis ball, the more they bend.

The idea behind the “Youtek” line is to have the racket react to what you’re trying to do. If you’re swinging fast and trying to hit hard, the frame will stiffen up (because stiffer frames allow you to hit harder). If you slow your swing down the racket becomes less stiff, increasing feel and control.



  1. Nick says

    Can you do a review on the aero storm tour gt please

  2. Benjamin says

    I have been using the Head Speed MP and I can definitely concur with the review in that it is an ideal racquet for control purposes. I generally have a tendency to play with power and have a large swing, but this racquet has forced me to adopt a more controlled game, thus allowing for better placement of the balls. I noticed that I am able to serve with and hit my targets more effectively. Really great for kicking the serve out wide. Great for volleys and drop shots as well.

  3. bunkerbuster says

    You may want to ask yourself whether these reviews diminish your credibility as a coach. If you are getting paid to promote rackets, that’s excellent and I say right on, good going, bravo and I wish you continued success.
    But if you are simply trying to offer a service for readers, I don’t think you’re using your time very well. Your descriptions of how these rackets work and what they actually do betrays a naivete and an unseemly fondness for marketing hype. I’ve got nothing personal against racket geeks, but I do think a lot of people are less likely to listen to someone who suggests that there are big differences among rackets.
    The proof, as they say, is in the pros. Look at the rackets they use. If there was some big advantage to one or the other, they’d all switch in the bat of an eye. Turns out, the only real differences are in the strings and string tension, overall weight and balance of the racket — that’s where you can really make a difference in how a racket relates to your game. The other stuff about stiffening and flexing and yada yada is little more than a sales job…

    • Mad Scientist says

      My friend, if you had any idea about the physics of dynamics, you would not speak as if stiffness was not related to your game and, in a second time, this is being utterly stupid when you consider what the “people” think of you in doing something – do it because it’s useful, because it’s preferable, but never to suit the likes and dislikes of a mass which is more directed by impressions or opinions than by logic.

      There are two things about the matrix used by the diffetrent companies which influence highly how you will feel your shot and how does the ball will actually come out: cohesion and stiffness.

      Cohesion is about a nanoscopic bounding between elements which allows, more or less, the composite material to act as a unite, as a whole, as if it was one single element. A more coherent matrix will offer a sharper response, a more accurate shot.

      Stiffness is about how hard a given matrix is – how is least likely to flex. This one is rather a matter of choice when compared to the first one. A shaft which flex more will indeed kick back more creating a trampoline effect. Very useful to add pace off a slow swing, but off a good swing like that of the professionnals, it will only angle your shots at the very contact making it really hard to aim and it won’t make much difference in pace to a solid arm action.

      We see GT at Babolat (it stands for Graphite Tungstene), [K]arophite black and BLX at Wilson’s. The name are about as far as you can go for saling; but the technology standing behind is far more important to your impact. Pick up an old Pro Staff just for the sake of it and compare its feeling to the new BLX version – of course, use the 6.1 tour 90; take the AeroPro Drive and the Prince EXO3 and see how cutting through the air feels, but also bother to see how different they feel – the Aero will feel more crisp and the EXO3 will be more forgiving…

      It’s a matter of balance, of weight, headsize and string pattern; sure. But, the material which makes the frame has a lot to do with how much cohesion and stiffness you get. Both affects A LOT your impact… As an example, the stiffness can give you up to 25% lesser deflection upon impact.

      • bunkerbuster says

        Mad Scientist: cohesion and stiffness may make some very small difference, but it is dwarfed by the differences made by shifting the balance, weight or string tension or string type of a racket.

        • Mad Scientist says

          Actually the difference is ENORMOUS from one pick to an other. You can vary easily around 24%… hey, 24%; it means the racket kicks back 1/4 less than the other aside – it is enormous. You can get rackets which cuts 14, 15 and even 20% more through the air which means it gives you free pace if your swing is not fast enough…

          The weight and balance are surely important, but they are adjusted to fit the frame type and not the other way around.

          But, look how I express those differences: in percentages. It means the sharper and harder your contact and the faster your swing, the most benefit you will gain. You need a good baseline game to feel the differences and physics PROVES there are very significant differences, enough for even good amateurs to notice it.

          There are huges advantages in choosing one frame instead of an other, but they work in relation with your swing and are not absolute additions to your game. This is why pros do not pick one genius racket over every other: not because there is no difference, but rather because some frames composition will react and help certain types of swings while being useless to the other.

  4. swatmike says

    which is the grip size that uses rafa nadal and tsonga with their aeropro drvie gt?
    reply me please!

  5. Paris-is-his: Federer says

    Hi Will,

    I was wondering if you could demo something like a BLX 6.1 tour or the K Factor version. I tend to get a huge accelerations into offensive strikes and it would probably be a good idea to get a heavy headlight racket like that. With my racket right now, it’s correct when I’m still warming up, but as I start getting the rythm and hit harder, I lost much of the feel in my string bed (100sq. in.).

    Thanks for your great care and job; I never waste a chance of plugging your site because it has indeed an uncomparable list and quality of instructionnal videos, pro strokes, match analysis, etc.

  6. natasha arora says


    i wanted to know if a Babolat-PURE DRIVE(andy rodick)

    can be used by me??im 14 and i hav been playing tennis since a year.

    pls suggest. (my forhands r medium strong and backhands need more force)

    • Daniel says

      Anyone can use any racket. It just depends whether you like how it feels or not. Good luck with the Pure Drive.

  7. Mike Hermes says

    I am currently demo’ing a speed elite. I find I have better accuracy, can swing harder and generate spin more easily than the racquet I have used for the last two years (a BB V1 mid-plus). I was looking for a racquet to do the above, so far I pretty happy with the result.

  8. Philip says

    hi i just wondern what racket I should use if like to play with top spin but don´t like the babolat rackets??

    • KD Guest says

      topspin doesnt depend completely on the racquet. try whatever you like, as long is the weight and balance are good for you, and that your swings are comfortable.

    • dan says

      tecnifibre like the 295 or 320 both great power and amazing spi:-))

  9. Daniel says

    Hey how about the BLX Surge? That thing’s a beauty. That’s like my dream racket right there. I mean its 10.4 and it’s pretty evenly balanced but it’s just head light enough so where you can get some good control with it. Love it.=)

  10. Brandon says

    philip I would say maby some head rackets like the youtek extreme or youtek radical i have both and they have ultra spin for me hopefully for you

  11. Tim says

    What would a Babolat Reflex 102 be good for? Intermediate, Beginner or Pro?

    • Daniel says

      The Babolat Reflex would probably be good for an intermediate player, someone who’s plays recreationally but is looking to up their game.

  12. rk says


    Can you do a review on the Wilson K blade tour (93 inch head and 11.8 ounces weight) and the K blade – 98 (98 inch head and 11.1. ounces).


  13. Galaxy says

    wats better babolat or head

    • Tony says

      Depense on what type of racquet u are going to use.

    • dan says

      babolat definetly like the pure storm vs the radical mp babolat has a nice solid feel and the head feels like a piece of steel so babolat are very nice racquets but i prefer tecnifibre over everything

  14. fedex says

    differences between wilson k pro open & wilson k factor 6.1

  15. Benjamin Wolf says

    Will, Great site. Just curious what racket you are currently using and why.


  16. Tuliocolares says

    Hi Will,
    I find hard to buy new racquets. There is too many new models and technology.
    So, I followed Martina Higins. I play with a Yonex RQS 11. Martina is no longer in the circuit, so, what racquect should I replace?

    Thanks for the advice,

    Túlio – Brazil

    • KD Guest says

      thats how a lot of people start, by buying their favorite player or someone they know. if there is a store near you, see if they will let you test (demo) racquets for free. you still have to do a lot of searches. go search through these models: babolat, wilson, head, yonex, gamma. too many and its hard to choose right. get a list of 3-5 that you think fit your game style, then see if there is a way for you to test them for buying.

      also, if the yonex rqs 11 is easy to find online and if know that if you like it, keep it. there is no reason to change because of martina hingis

  17. Bob says

    I currently use a Babolat Pure Storm Team racquet which Babolat no longer makes. Hmm, seems everytime I find a racquet I like the manufacturer stops making it. What’s a good replacement for this racquet

  18. Craig says

    Stiffer racquests generally give the player more control; more flexible racquets can help w/ more power.

    • Michael says

      Actually a stiffer racquet gives more power and a more flexible racquet gives less power and more control.

    • Joe says

      Wrong -Flexible racquets are more arm freindly Stiffer frames give more
      power and are less arm freindly

  19. K Hofhiens says

    I bought the head youtek speed mp racket. I love the power I get on this stick. My serve is great too. But now I’ve developed tennis elbow. The inflexiblity of the racket may be the debilitating factor.
    Unfortunately, I feel like I should be looking again for a new racket….

  20. Ncgeek108 says

    I have the speed MP and love the frames!!!!

  21. Acemachine26 says

    hey guys, could you please review the Tecnifibre T-fight 320 VO2 MAX ?


  22. levi says

    i checked this out and it waz good but i have already got a aero pro drive gt 2010 model so i dont need it. i also got head strings for it because my last racket waz a head and i liked its feel so. i got the same strings and they all work.

    thanks will

  23. Ben Portman says

    Hey guys cool vid could you please review babolat aero pro drive gt because ive got the cortex and need to know if i shoud get the gt thanks

  24. J2 says

    I am currently a 3.5 level player and I demoed about 6 racquets before buying new and I kept coming back to the Youtek Speed Pro. I have a high power serve and can generate alot of pace on my ground strokes and I love this frame, partly because, with the speed of my swing, I feel this frame helps me keep the ball in the court.

  25. Rainerharald1 says

    yes, please would be cool im also thinking about buying it because i really liked the K-Factor version.

  26. jack barnett says

    i wuold like you to do videos of babolat rackets like roddicks or nadals

  27. jack barnett says

    i wuold like you to do videos of babolat rackets like roddicks or nadals

  28. Manasi Ramadani says

    i liked the the head youtek lite alot. well that is what i would prefer other than the elite one.

  29. Manasi Ramadani says

    i liked the the head youtek lite alot. well that is what i would prefer other than the elite one.

  30. Edner says

    Hello all,

    I am sorry that my comment here is not about Head Youtek speed. I am planning to buy a new racket and I have 2 candidates:
    – Babolat Aeropro Drive GT
    – Prince EXO3 Black 100

    I have played with Babolat ~1 hour today and I am really impressed by its characteristics (especially regarding spinny balls). And I have also felt like I become a much more powerful player when I try to play more aggressive with the Babolat. Unfortunately I haven’t played with Prince that much (only about 5 minutes) but I guess that it has almost the same characteristics as Babolat.

    My question: I currently don’t have any problem with my elbow and I really don’t want to experience that. Which one is more risky to choose? With other words, is that Babolat Aeropro Drive GT or Prince EXO3 black 100 that has a better reputation regarding elbow problems?

    I know that there are really qualified people here and I hope that I get can some constructive comments.



  31. Itsmetn says

    I have both models and I find the Prince is more stable than the Babolat. I find myself picking up the Prince much more often than the Babolat. They are both great rackets but the Prince has a heavier feel and just seems to deliver more stable strokes. Every now and then I would switch to the Babolat and I would enjoy the games as well.

  32. knick says

    i was looking at the head microgel radical its not a very new model but somt one recomended it i was just wondering what are your thoughts on it i am a highschool player and i am looking for a racket do you what do you think?

  33. Ron says

    Need to update the racquet review comment since Djokovic has changed racquets again.

  34. swkim728 says

    can you guys review the Prince EXO3 Tour 100 16×18?
    It’s a pro racket used by Ferrer and Ferrero!

  35. BillyRATY says

    can u do the prince exo3 rebel team

  36. dennistennis says

    I own both the YouTec Speed Pro and the MP and have been using them for over a year now. I prefer the Pro because it is heavier and I can generate both more pace and spin and the serve is more reliable. I use Head sonic pro as mains and natural gut as crosses at 57 and 58 lbs respec.. The Pro can get tiring to handle in a long match and it is quite demanding to use in doubles at the net over a few sets so the lighter MP can be used if the arm get tired, I find this to be fine to change. The pro takes a while to get used to and is not for the casual player since its weight is formidable, however I have found that this has helped rid me of tennis elbow since the heavy racket takes out all the vibration through the arm, though of course technique has to be pretty consistently good in all areas of the game. I think the pro racket has to ‘built up to’ by increasing the weight of rackets over the years ie you cannot just suddenly buy this one having only used very light rackets or rackets with large heads. But once you can handle this weight it is a naturally powerfully racket that is very versatile.

  37. Play2winn6 says

    can you [please do the yonex v cone racqyets?

  38. Samuel says

    Can you do a review with the new head youtek speed ig? Please!

  39. Kevin W says

    can you do the yonex v core 95D and 100S

  40. Andy Pestana says

    can u do the Babolat cantact tour L3 please !!!

  41. Ahmed ismail says

    can you pls present a video showing the difference between youtek radical MP and pro and the different youtek brands etc; radical, speed, prestige, extrem, instinct.


  42. Canuto says

    what a clown!

  43. Anonymous says

    With regard to Youtek, you keep talking about the racquet bending. Is it just manufacturer’s hype for some “advance” that will have virtually no affect on the performance of most tennis players? Just how much bending are we talking about? Would like to see some high speed photographic evidence of the bending.
    Informative instructional videos. Thanks.

  44. Shaffman95 says

    hey will. i would love to see some more rackets being reviewed. you havent done a review in a long time and i would like to see what you think about some other rackets. i know you’re probably busy, but i, along with thousands of others, would love to see some more racket reviews.

  45. Kevin W. says

    Hi Will, great video! I have tried the same thing and I agree the Youtek really does work, faster speed gives more power, and slower gives more feel. One thing that you did not cover is the drop shot, I think that the racquet really excells in this area and gives more distance control, and feel, even more so than a slower ground stroke. However, I am having a difficult time decididng between the Youtek Speed and the Yonex V core 95D and the Yonex 100S and the Babolat Pure Drive Roddick. If you could do some of these racquets, that would really help thanks again for the video!

  46. Ditra64 says

    hey can you please tell me what strings and tension does novak djokovic uses! ??

  47. driftk says

    please do more racket reviews

  48. Jahun5 says

    hi~ I write this memo first. i was wondering how differnce youtek and aero drive racket feeling

  49. Tomethy says

    I have the YouTek Radical Lite and must say I am extremely impressed. Will hit all the major points there, that is, the raquet is extremely forgivving. I really can’t praise raquet high enough. I am a rec player who dabbles in competetive matches on occasion and have had my opponent compliment me on my shots due to this extraordinary weapon. Keep up the great work, Will and all those at FYB.

  50. Cliveb15 says

    could you please review the Babolat range and perhaps the Wilson Blx range.

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