Roger Federer high-definition and slow-motion hitting clips. These videos can be a great resource for improving your game! Please leave comments on Roger’s strokes below!





  1. esaam ismail says

    Will, where are you? I’d like to consider lessons.

  2. Anonymous says


  3. Lex23 says

    Federer is the best about not pulling his head up until he has finished his strokes. He keeps his eyes down better and longer than anyone else. That is why he is the best.

  4. lalith says

    federer forhand is the best forhand i have ever seen.

    • Stefan says

      Have you not heard of a certain Rafael Nadal.

      • Daniel says

        Federer’s forehand is way better than Rafa’s. Nadal can get some unbelievable topspin on that thing but Federer’s skids especially on the grass. Does the number 16 mean anything to you?

        • Skhandai says

          that’s wassup

        • KD Guest says

          —it doesnt skid it penetrates the court. and comparing there 2 forehands is pointless. id give an edge to rafa b/c hes added more to his forehand. federers is diverse, but the changes rafael can make are amazing.—

        • Andrew4vikings says

          yes he may have won more slams but nadal is leading in the head to head record and federer’s forehand is good but nadal can hit the ball so much harder because of the extra topspin

  5. Anonymous says

    head steady- not windshield

  6. VLADAPOP says


  7. MaxKreaf says


  8. Nagoya says

    Whom else would you model your game after?!!!!

    • Andrew4vikings says

      maybe his serve or his backhand if you use a one-hander but not his forehand unless you use an eastern grip bla

  9. Rice says

    I really like it.

  10. colchambers says

    I don’t wish to be picky but I notice federers serve here is not the serve he uses in his matches. He bends his knees much more in matches which makes him lean back more. When he throws the racquet up there is much more of a shoulder turn than we see here and he gets more pace as a result.

    Just mentioning cos I think these are great and I was using them as reference but the serve shown here looks like a warm up serve to me.

    • KD Guest says

      —hes in a practice, he doesnt expend too much energy in practices, especially not serves, duh—

    • Kiran_ghodasara says

      hey u knw much abt tennis ……..
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  11. Mahmoud_thejagour says


  12. ifyou says


  13. m3fan says

    very nice strokes,….effortless and efficient…whatever you all want to say about him or his game or his rivalry with Nadal, his only true enemy is himself and his expectations. Whatever you say, you cannot argue with 16 Slams…and until someone tops that, he is the greatest ever.

  14. Jrudokas says

    In the Forehand section 44 through 1:09 is a pretty sweet clinic on the open stance forehand…..Also FYB Rocks! Thanks Will and Frank

  15. Fayyaz Awwal says

    Great job!!! Keep it up!!!

  16. QTennis says

    great!!! really like it!!! šŸ™‚

  17. Badonghaha says

    can you please make a video on how does roger federer do hes unique stroke..

  18. kumar says

    We know Roger feder plays with eastern forehand i.e heelpad and index finger on bevel 3. what he does for backhand here in this backhand video? Is he rotating his raquet from bevel 3 to bevel 1 for backhand or he chnaging to bevel4 and tilting to make eastern backhand? please explain. You roger federer video on his forehand analysis is too good. can you put similar video analysis on backhand explaining how he changes the grip from forehand to backhand grip for hitting those backhand balls. thanks

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