1. smart says

    how to grip rafael nadal forehand grip

  2. mike says

    i think nadal will keep playing for a while. i mean look at brett farve, he is like 40 and is still playing pro football

    • zalo says

      but thats pro football not pro tennis but i do agree with u that rafa will play for many more years. VAMOS RAFAEL TU PUEDES.

  3. tommy says

    rafa is the best and i plan to be like him some day so vamos Rafa!

  4. Saavani says

    hey all you guys…i guess nadal has always demonstrated a knack and zeal for adapting to changing situations. I think we will see him changing his game later on to suit his age and still be just as lethal….

  5. Aa says

    hi everyone.. i can not decide that what back hand is beter for me between twohand and onehand..
    any advice for me?

    • lauren says

      Well, there are several advantages to both. I myself have a one handed backhand and I used to have a two. I switched a couple of years ago and found that with the on handed i can have much more verity and my slice is now a lethal weapon. The one handed is harder though because you only have one arm for support instead of two so your choice really depends on whether you are strong enough for that or not.

    • Chayan Rodriguez says

      it depends which one you are more comfortable with, i prefer the back hand

    • Matthew Webber says

      the simple truth is if you are amazing at a one handed back hand then that is what it will be. If your one handed backhand is anything less than it is not your choice if you watch the back hand lessons and watch nadals closley you will see how much more of a consistant and controlable shot the two handed shot is easy to whip and and place your shot with spin pace and consistancy

  6. lukas says

    Can you do a lesson for this forehand please.

  7. Tbays35 says

    rafa #1

  8. ILOVERAFA says


  9. zalo says

    i sure hope not cauz i really want to see him play for many years

  10. Richard says

    I don’t know if i havent looked correctly but apart from rafa and the guy who produces these videos will hamilton is it. who i think is a great and much easier to understand being a lefty myself as he is but there are lot of right handed players videos on here wondered if you could put some slow motion videos of pro leftys on please. thanks. P.S. Fuzzy yellow balls videos are great.

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