1. bava says

    how do u hit a strong backhand two handed on a 2nd serve

  2. Nico says

    His serve IN SLOW MOTION is faster than mine xD

  3. Jack says

    Does he put spin on the ball when he tosses it? thx

  4. jole says

    it’s such a funny motion, but it does the job


  5. KevinW says

    In my opinion Andy Roddick has the best serve on the PLANET. It is unorthodox but it works for him, and not for his opponants. I would love to be in the head of some qualifier the first time they play Andy just to see how loud thy are screaming to themselves. That is why I hit the ball exactly like him, only about 40mph slower. I still get 20+ aces every match i play and I play 4.5 – 5.0.

  6. Kevin W says

    He also has the most efficient motion on tour, from a physics and kineiology standpoint.  That is why he just cranks the ball and makes it look effortless.

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