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  3. seslidun says

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  4. kirkagac pansiyon says

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  5. baris says

    I’ve not realized that agassi generally hits way up in the racquet loop till now. Thx for the vid btw

  6. Squoke says

    What grip does he use on his forehand?

  7. Stan says

    An eastern forehand, not a semi-western like most people think.

    • Alex C. says

      Actually, Andre’s forehand, as described by Nick Bollettieri his former coach, is somewhere between Eastern and semi-western, but is not a true eastern or a true semi-western.  If you freeze frame on Andre’s forehands, you can clearly see it is NOT eastern by the hand positioning and the racket face angle.   

  8. Hryd says

    to me it looks like his back hurts him a bit and maybe he is playing a little stiff because of that. I’m assuming this video was taken late in his career when he started having major back problems – not sure – just looks a bit stiff to me

  9. Jalbino Vr says

    too cool

  10. Imran Ali says

    Andre Agassi is the best!

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